Housekeeping and Cleaning Attendant Positions in Australia with Visa Sponsorship ($55,976–$58,010 Annual Salary)

We are looking for a skilled and committed housekeeping cleaner. This person will work in our Environmental Services department.

Visa-Sponsored Cleaning Attendant & Housekeeping Jobs in Australia ($55,976–$58,010 Salary)

The work location is the Darlinghurst Campus. This campus has a private and public hospital.

It also includes the Sacred Heart Sanatorium. The St. Vincent’s Clinic and Precinct Partners are part of it too

This job is on a casual basis. It includes a schedule that rotates every seven days

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This job has shifts in the afternoon and evening. Shifts start between 3:30 pm and 6 pm. They end between 10 pm and midnight

You are an expert at cleaning homes and pay close attention to details. Your abilities include:

  • Knowing how to keep houses clean in hospitals or hotels
  • Being able to work well alone or with others
  • Always being on time, working hard, and looking neat
  • Being good at getting along with people
  • Planning your time well
  • Being ready to work on different days including weekdays, weekends, and holidays.
  • This also includes working in the morning and afternoon when required.
  • Knowing how to use machines for polishing and scrubbing is helpful but not required.

Benefits of Cleaning Attendant Jobs in Australia

  • Job Security: The cleaning industry always needs workers. This means jobs in this field are stable.
  • Jobs for Beginners: Many jobs in housekeeping are open to beginners. This is good for people with different education and work backgrounds. Housekeepers can find jobs in places like hospitals, resorts, and hotels. The chance to work in different places can make the job more interesting.
  • Flexible Work Hours: Some housekeeping jobs let you change your work hours. This can help you balance work and personal life.
  • Working with Others: Housekeeping jobs often involve working with a team. Good teamwork is important to keep places clean and orderly.
  • Meeting Guests: In hotels, housekeepers might meet guests. Keeping places clean helps make guests happy.
  • Learning Skills: Housekeepers learn many skills. These include paying attention to details, managing time well, and deciding what to do first.
  • Chances to Move Up: Starting as a housekeeper might lead to better jobs in hotels or other services. This could mean becoming a supervisor or manager.
  • Being Active: Housekeeping is a physical job. It can keep you fit and healthy.
  • Making Connections: Working in hotels or similar places can help you meet people in your field. This can lead to new job chances.
  • Discounts: Some places give workers lower prices on things like food, rooms, and other services. This can save money.
  • Making Guests Happy: Housekeepers play a big part in making guests feel good. Keeping rooms clean helps guests have a good time.
  • Working Abroad: In tourist areas, there might be jobs for people from different cultures. This can be a chance to meet people from around the world.
  • Many Job Places: There is always a need for cleaning. This means there are jobs in many parts of Australia.
  • Working at a Top Hospital: St. Vincent’s Private Hospital Darlinghurst is a leading hospital in Australia. It offers great care and treatment in many medical areas. The hospital is known for its expert doctors and research

Requirements for Housekeeping and Cleaning Assistant Jobs in Australia

The job application process involves checks on criminal history and child safety.

SVPHS must follow rules for health and safety at work.

This means we need to lessen the chance of diseases spreading that vaccines can prevent.

You will need to follow the SVHA Staff Health Screening Immunization Policy.

This policy asks you to get the needed shots.

These include vaccines for COVID-19 and the flu depending on your job.

If you think this job is right for you, please apply now!

How to Apply

We support equal job chances, follow ethical guidelines, respect cultural differences, and promote a smoke-free work environment.

To apply, click on “APPLY HERE.”

Saint Vincent’s Hospital Australia supports reconciliation. We encourage Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to apply for all jobs.

For more information, please visit our website at or email

If you have questions about this job, you can email Justin Yau, the Environmental Services Coordinator, at for a private conversation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is housekeeping in demand in Australia?

Yes, the housekeeping field is growing in Australia. There’s a high chance for jobs because many people leave these jobs often.

This makes it a good choice for travelers looking for work. If you plan to stay in one place and want a steady job, housekeeping is a great option.

How much does a housekeeper/cleaner earn in Australia?

Housekeepers and cleaners can benefit from salary packaging. This means you can earn up to $15,900 each financial year and pay less tax. This increases what you take home.

Full-time workers might get extra perks like help with rent or mortgage, car leasing, and meals. There’s also a $2,600 card for fun activities each year.

How can I become a cleaner in Australia?

You don’t need a college degree to be a housekeeper. But taking certain courses can help you get ready for the job.

For better skills and qualifications in housekeeping, you can do a Certificate III in hospitality. This is available at certified training places or TAFE.

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