10 Hobbies That Make Money, Are Your Hobbies Included?

Filling free time by doing hobbies certainly feels exciting. Especially if it’s a hobby that makes money.

The most enjoyable work is a paid hobby. Surely you are familiar with the popular quote above, right?

Doing things you like and getting bonuses in the form of income will certainly make you enjoy the hobbies you do more.

Then, what are the hobbies that make money? And how do you develop it into a business?

Check out the full review in this article!

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1. Cooking

Cooking is a hobby that can make money. Hobbies can not only be occupied by women, men can too, you know.

If you like cooking and take it seriously, this can be a successful way for you to make money, you know.

How to?

You can start by creating a catering business, restaurant, cake business, snacks, and so on.

Not confident enough to open a large-scale food business? Relax, you can start by opening a business online.

To start pursuing this hobby, you have to be more diligent in exploring the latest recipes. That way, your cooking skills will continue to be honed.

2. Write

Your hobby is writing? It’s a shame if your writing is only saved.

Even though it sounds trivial, writing can generate substantial income, you know.

If you like to write fictional stories, such as novels and short stories, don’t hesitate to send your manuscript to a publisher. And interestingly, you don’t need to send your work in hard file form, just send it via the author’s email.

So, for those of you who prefer to write articles or opinions, you can apply for a job as a content writer. Currently, many companies are looking for candidates for this position.

Or, want a more flexible job?

Then you can try your luck to become a freelance writer. To start with, you can post the posts you’ve written on freelance sites. There, you have the opportunity to build relationships with fellow freelancers and find your potential clients.

3. Photo and Video Editing

The next hobby that makes money is photo and video editing.

Apart from being an exciting hobby, photo and video editing can be a source of income for those of you who have this hobby, you know.

With qualified photo and video editing skills, you can open this service, you know.

You do this by posting your edited photos on social media as a catalog of the results of photo or video editing that you have done before. This also introduces your work to potential clients.

Apart from that, if you are proficient in using editing software, don’t hesitate to register yourself with a company that is in need of a photo or video editor.

Before that, make sure you include your CV and portfolio, OK?

4. Play Music

Love playing music? Nowadays, playing music can also be a hobby that makes money, you know.

Music is one that is very popular. If you have a musical hobby, whether playing musical instruments or vocals, don’t hesitate to show off your work.

Not for riya purposes, but to be able to make it a source of income.

The trick, you can start recording your work and upload it to social media. Apart from that, you can also play your music at cafes, weddings, and more.

The goal is that many people know about your work.

5. Making Handicrafts

For those of you who have a hobby of making handicrafts, you should take it seriously.


Because at this time, many people need handicrafts, such as souvenirs, home decorations, party decorations, and many more.

That way, you can also use this hobby to make money.

Make handicrafts that are interesting, have artistic value, and have a function, and start to think about what business strategies are suitable for handicraft products.

Then, try to create a special social media account, and sell your work via the internet.

Apart from that, you can also take advantage of this hobby by becoming a content creator on YouTube, you know. You can create content on how to make handicrafts, such as making knick-knacks from used materials, room decorations, and so on.

Interesting right?

6. Photography

Photography is a hobby that sounds easy, but in reality it is not.


Because to produce quality photos, there are various knowledge that must be studied first, you know.

Photography can also be a hobby that makes money, you know.

There are several business opportunities that you can try from a photography hobby, such as becoming a photographer or selling your shots online.

Before making money from this hobby, make sure you have created an attractive photo portfolio so that it can be used as a reference for your potential customers.

7. Playing Games

For some people, playing games is just a waste of time. How come? Playing games is not enough if done in a short time.

However, playing games can also be a hobby that can make money, you know.

You do this by selling devices or things related to games.

In addition, there are many e-sport competitions that you can take part in, you know. The prizes offered are no joke, the winner of the competition can get prizes in the form of tens of millions of rupiah in cash!

Or want to be an influencer? You can too, you know.

Start by opening a YouTube channel and fill it with game-related content, such as the strategy for playing games that you like.

8. Gardening

Gardening is one of the new trends during the pandemic. Are you one of those following this trend? Or even have a hobby of gardening?

If so, this one hobby can be a business opportunity, you know.

For plant lovers, of course you have a number of collections of flowers and plants at home. The longer, of course the plant will be more and more. So, you can sell your collection of plants, both those that have grown and the seeds.

Regarding the price, it usually depends on the size and scarcity of these plants.

9. Drawing

Drawing is a hobby that can also make money, you know. Whether it’s an image in the form of a manual painting or digital illustration.

The income you will get varies quite a bit, depending on the size and complexity of the object being drawn.

Not limited to painting, drawing comics can also be a hobby that makes money by registering as a comic artist, you know.

Especially nowadays, digital comic fans are no less than book-shaped comics.

To start a career as a comic artist, first prepare a portfolio of works that you have previously produced. This is so that the client can take it into consideration when using your services.

10. Playing Social Media

For some people, social media is the best place to fill their spare time. Because with social media, a person can establish communication, find information, and other things.

In fact, currently playing social media is included in a fun hobby to do.

Apart from that, playing social media wisely can also bring in income, you know.

Through this hobby, you will certainly tend to know more about the trends that are currently popular. With that, you will indirectly absorb information, pay attention to the online market, as well as make playing social media a hobby that makes money.

The trick, you can start by becoming a social media admin, online marketing, UX researcher, to influencer.

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