Heightened Alert: DSS Forewarns of Potential Terrorist Attacks on Religious, Recreational Centers

The DSS has issued a warning about potential terrorist attacks on religious and recreational centres during Eid Kabir.

Discover the details of this alarming situation.

In an unsettling turn of events, the Department of State Services (DSS) has sounded the alarm over impending terrorist threats targeting worship and leisure facilities in the lead-up to, and during, the celebration of Eid Kabir.

Eid Kabir – A Time of Joy under Threat

Let’s be frank, folks – times of joy and celebration should never be clouded by fear, right? But in this case, the celebration of Eid Kabir, traditionally a time of unity and happiness, is under the shadow of a possible terrorist attack.

This information is embedded in a cautionary note issued by Peter Afunanya, the DSS spokesperson, on Thursday, June 22, 2023.

He has implored the managers of these centers and others to maintain a heightened state of vigilance.

Backing Claims with Evidence: The DSS’s Grounds for Alarm

So, you might be asking, “What’s causing the DSS to raise such an alarm?” Well, it turns out the secret police’s apprehension is not unfounded.

Their concerns stem from the recent recovery of Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) from terrorists during joint operations with the Nigerian Army and Police, which, we must admit, gives weight to the planned assault.

The DSS’s Call to Action

Here’s the thing. According to the DSS, it’s not just the people who run these centers that should be watchful.

They also want the general public to play an active part in maintaining safety.

The DSS has urged operators and patrons of public places such as markets and malls to remain alert and report any unusual activities or individuals to the relevant security agencies.

In a statement, the DSS highlighted, “Before the Eid celebrations, reports have indicated plans to attack worship and recreational centres.

This is corroborated by the recovery of primed IEDs among suspected terrorists.

All are advised to be watchful and report any suspicious movements and persons to relevant security agencies.”

Strengthened Security Measures

Are you wondering how the authorities are responding to this threat? Well, rest assured, the DSS is not taking this matter lightly. They will continue to join forces with sister agencies to execute necessary proactive drills to stymie criminals and their activities.

Triumph over Terror: Joint Military Operations’ Recent Success

Meanwhile, in a display of proactive action, the DSS revealed that a joint operation with the Army and Police conducted in Nasarawa and Kogi states from June 19 to 22 resulted in a significant victory.

A gang leader, identified as Kabir Bala, was eliminated during a gun battle in Kogi, with other criminals either neutralized or captured.

During these operations, several incriminating items were confiscated, such as 486 rounds of 7.62 x39mm caliber ammunition, 22 primed IEDs, and a Volkswagen Golf vehicle.

In another operation, Kabir Bala, a notorious gang leader and previous prison escapee, was neutralized, and several locally fabricated weapons were recovered.

As we look towards the Eid Kabir celebrations, it is imperative for everyone, operators, and the public alike, to remain vigilant and proactive.

We can, and we will, triumph over such threats by being alert and working in unison with our security agencies.

Let’s remember, our collective safety is our shared responsibility.

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What is the DSS’s warning about?

The DSS has issued a warning about potential terrorist attacks on worship and recreational centers before and during Eid Kabir celebrations.

Why does the DSS believe an attack is imminent?

The DSS’s concerns are backed by the recent recovery of Improvised Explosive Devices from terrorists in joint operations.

Who has the DSS asked to be vigilant?

The DSS has advised operators of public places and their patrons to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activities to the relevant authorities.

What has been the outcome of recent joint military operations?

Recent joint military operations have led to the neutralization and capture of several criminals, as well as the recovery of dangerous items such as ammunition and IEDs.

What measures are being taken to ensure public safety?

The DSS is partnering with other security agencies to implement proactive drills to disrupt criminal activities and enhance public safety.

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