Google to Delete Your Gmail Account Next Month: Save Your Gmail from Deletion!

Google to Start Deleting Inactive Gmail Accounts in December

Google has announced that it will begin deleting inactive Gmail accounts in December 2023. This means that if you have not used or logged into your Gmail account for two years or more, it is at risk of being permanently deleted.

This includes all associated Google services content, such as Gmail emails, Google Drive files, Google Docs, Google Calendar appointments, and Google Photos.

Google Delete Gmail Account

Why is Google Deleting Your Gmail Account?

Google is taking this step to improve the security of its services. Inactive accounts are more likely to be compromised, as they are often forgotten accounts with reused passwords and no two-factor authentication. By deleting these accounts, Google hopes to reduce the overall risk of account compromises.

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How will I know if my account is at risk of deletion?

Google will send multiple notifications in the months leading up to the deletion date to both the inactive Gmail address and any recovery email address connected to the account. These notifications will warn you that your account is at risk of deletion and provide you with instructions on how to keep your account active.

What can I do to keep my account active?

To keep your Gmail account active, you simply need to use it regularly. This could include logging in to check your email, sending and receiving emails, or using any of the other Google services that are connected to your account.

What if I have data stored in my inactive account?

If you have data stored in your inactive Gmail account, you can still access it even after the account is deleted. Google will allow you to download your data for up to three months after the account is deleted.

Tips for Keeping Your Gmail Account Active

Here are some easy tips to make sure your Gmail account stays active and safe:

  1. Log In Regularly: Sign in to your Gmail account often. It helps keep it active.
  2. Use Two-Factor Authentication: Add an extra layer of security with two-factor authentication.
  3. Update Account Settings: Check your account settings from time to time and make any necessary updates.
  4. Clean Up: Delete old emails and files that you don’t need anymore. It keeps your inbox tidy.

Think of these tips as your Gmail account’s protectors, keeping it secure and safe.

Additional Information

  • Google hasn’t announced a specific date for deleting inactive accounts yet.
  • Accounts used for Google Workspace (like Gmail for Business) won’t be deleted.
  • Accounts with a Google Play balance or a Google One subscription won’t be deleted either.


If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Keep your Gmail account active and secure!

Frequently Asked Questions: Google to Remove Your Gmail Account Next Month

Q: When will Google start deleting inactive Gmail accounts?

A: Google will begin deleting inactive Gmail accounts in December 2023.

Q: What is considered an inactive Gmail account?

A: An inactive Gmail account is one that has not been signed in to or used to access any Google products or services for a period of two years.

Q: What data will be deleted from inactive Gmail accounts?

A: All data associated with the inactive Gmail account, including emails, contacts, calendars, and photos, will be deleted.

Q: What can I do to prevent my Gmail account from being deleted?

A:  Here are some easy steps to make sure your Gmail account stays put and doesn’t get deleted:
– Log in to your Gmail at least once every two years.
– Use any Google service linked to your Gmail, like Google Drive or Google Photos.
– Buy something from Google, like a product, app, service, or subscription.
– Add a gift card with money to your Google Account.

Q: What if I have not signed in to my Gmail account in two years?

A: If you have not signed in to your Gmail account in two years, you will receive a notification from Google warning you that your account may be deleted. You will have three months from the date of the notification to sign in to your account and prevent it from being deleted.

Q: What if I have lost access to my Gmail account?

A: If you have lost access to your Gmail account, you can visit the Google Account Help Center for assistance.

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