Google Might Shut Down Your Account! What to Do to Avoid Trouble?

Google has made a major decision.

If you use a Google account but fail to address certain crucial tasks, you could encounter difficulties.

Now, let’s delve into the specifics of this situation.

Google’s Updated Inactive Account Policy

Google is taking a bold step, deciding to delete accounts that have been inactive for two years or more. But what’s the reason behind this move? And when will this policy be implemented? Let’s dive in.

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Google is updating its inactive account policy, deciding to delete accounts that have been inactive for two years or more.

Why is Google Deleting Inactive Accounts?

Google’s main aim behind this initiative is to enhance user protection. Accounts that have been inactive for extended periods are more vulnerable to malware attacks or unauthorized activities. The details of these accounts are unsecured and can easily be stolen.

Inactive accounts are ten times more at risk than accounts with two-step verification, according to Google.

When Will Google Start Deleting Inactive Accounts?

As per the recent policy updates, Google will begin the process of deleting inactive user accounts from its database post-December 2023. This applies to accounts that have been dormant for a substantial duration.

Google will begin deleting inactive accounts from its database after December 2023.

What Will Be Deleted Along with the Inactive Google Accounts?

When Google deletes an inactive account, it doesn’t just stop there. It also expunges all the data associated with that account. This includes data across various Google services like Gmail emails, documents in Google Docs, files in Google Drive, past Google Meet sessions, scheduled events in Google Calendar, and media stored in Google Photos.

Along with inactive Google accounts, all the corresponding data associated with those accounts will also be deleted.

How Will Users Know if Their Account Has Been Deleted?

Google will not delete accounts abruptly. It will follow a systematic approach, sending multiple notifications to users over the months leading up to the deletion. The notifications will be sent to both the account email address and the recovery email (if one has been provided).

Before deleting an account, Google will send multiple notifications to users over the months leading up to the deletion.

How Can You Keep Your Google Account Active?

Keeping your Google account active is easier than you might think. Regularly engage with the platform’s services to let Google know that your account is in use. Activities can include reading or sending emails through Gmail, uploading and accessing files on Google Drive, using Google Search, watching or uploading content on YouTube, and installing or updating apps via the Google Play Store.

To keep your Google account active, regularly interact with the platform’s services. Each interaction signals to Google that your account is in active use.


Google’s decision to delete inactive accounts may seem sudden, but it’s a move aimed at increasing user security. Stay informed about this policy, keep your account active, and ensure you do not lose valuable data in the process.

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