Unleashing Climate Innovation: GIST Catalyst Women in Climate Pitch Competition 2023

Uncover the empowering opportunities of the GIST Catalyst Women in Climate Pitch Competition 2023.

This article discusses the competition’s benefits, qualifications, selection process, and timelines, illuminating how it encourages women entrepreneurs to showcase their climate solutions globally.

Apply today and make a worldwide impact

Celebrating Women Climate Innovators in APEC 2023

The year 2023 shines a spotlight on the U.S as it hosts the APEC.

As part of this global event, the GIST Catalyst Women in Climate Pitch Competition provides a unique platform for the top women climate innovators across the world.

More than just a competition, it’s an avenue for these visionaries to receive critical business and pitch training, with an exceptional opportunity to showcase their groundbreaking solutions to a worldwide audience.

The Catalyst Legacy: Empowering Entrepreneurs

Catalyst has been instrumental in providing a launching pad for over 80 entrepreneurs since its inception during the Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES) in 2017 in Hyderabad, India.

The competition has since graced global platforms such as the GES 2019 in The Hague, Netherlands, the 2019 APEC Forum in La Serena, Chile, the 2021 GIST Catalyst Virtual Pitch Competition, and in Thailand in 2022.

Focusing on Women in Innovation

Each year, the Catalyst competition shifts its focus to uplift different segments of society.

In 2022, the competition concentrated on advancing and empowering women in innovation within the Asia-Pacific region.

The Power of Participation: Benefits of GIST Catalyst Women in Climate Pitch Competition

The benefits of participating in the GIST Catalyst Women in Climate Pitch Competition go beyond winning prizes.

It is an enriching and empowering process that enables participants to:

Gain Entrepreneurial Skills

Through intensive training in startup methodology and acceleration support, participants equip themselves with vital entrepreneurial skills that will help them navigate their startup journey.

Connect with Business Mentors

A unique opportunity to access business mentors helps the participants tap into industry wisdom and experience, facilitating their startup’s growth and success.

Win Valuable Startup Resources

Winners stand a chance to secure significant startup resources that can bolster their business growth and success.

Build a Robust Network

The competition offers networking opportunities with government representatives, fellow entrepreneurs, and other members of the entrepreneurship ecosystem, enabling participants to build relationships that can propel their startups forward.

Who can Apply for the GIST Catalyst Women in Climate Pitch Competition?

To be eligible for the GIST Catalyst Women in Climate Pitch Competition, the applicant must:

Be a citizen of the Economies mentioned

The applicant should hold citizenship in one of the aforementioned economies and should be the founder of a science/technology startup operating in that country.

Be within the age bracket of 18-40

The competition welcomes young entrepreneurs between the ages of 18-40.

Be a GIST First-Timer

Applicants should not have previously participated in in-person GIST activities such as Catalyst pitch competitions, Business Incubation, Tech-I, or Startup Trainings.

Submit a complete application

The application should be comprehensive and provide all the necessary information as per the competition guidelines.

Special Encouragement for Women-Led Startups

Startups led by women or those that directly advance women’s interests in the countries where they operate are particularly encouraged to apply.

Flexibility in Program Details

The program’s location and dates are subject to change. In such an event, GIST staff will inform the applicants promptly.

Selection Process and Timeline

The GIST Catalyst Women in Climate Pitch Competition follows a systematic and multi-stage selection process.

Phase 1: Submission

This phase takes place from May 1 – June 7.

Phase 2: Expert Panel Review & Quarterfinalist selection

This stage runs from June 12 – 16.

Phase 3: Quarterfinals Virtual Pitching

Quarterfinals Virtual Pitching happens between June 26 – 30.

Phase 4: In-Person Trainings and Semifinals

This step occurs in Seattle, USA, from August 1 – 5.

Phase 5: In-Person Finals

The competition concludes with the In-Person Finals in Seattle, USA, on August 6.

Applying for the Competition

Applying for the GIST Catalyst Women in Climate Pitch Competition is a straightforward process.

Ensure that you have met all the qualifications and prepared a comprehensive application.

Applications are accepted online, and early submissions are encouraged.

The GIST Catalyst Women in Climate Pitch Competition 2023 is an exciting opportunity for women innovators to showcase their solutions for climate change on a global stage.

It’s more than just a competition—it’s a chance to learn, network, and grow.

it’s an invitation to women entrepreneurs to make a global impact. So why wait? Apply today!

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