Gauteng City Region Academy Teachers Programme 2023

Join the Gauteng City Region Academy Teachers Programme 2023 and kick-start your career as an Early Childhood Development (ECD) teacher.

This three-year program offers funding, employment opportunities, and work readiness initiatives to passionate individuals under 33 years old.

In today’s world, teachers and educational institutions play a crucial role in raising a child, echoing the well-known proverb: “It takes a village.”

One such institution making a significant difference is the Gauteng City Region Academy (GCRA). Today, we want to take you through the exciting opportunity the academy is offering young, passionate individuals in their 2023 Teachers Programme.

A Journey to Shape Young Minds

Imagine waking up each day knowing you’re going to shape the minds of our future leaders.

Isn’t that something worth pursuing? If this sounds like your dream, the Gauteng City Region Academy has the perfect opportunity for you.

GCRA is looking for passionate young applicants who desire to be Early Childhood Development (ECD) teachers.

The ECD Teachers Programme: A Game Changer in Education

The ECD Teachers Programme is a three-year venture that trains young people to become Early Childhood Development Teachers.

But why ECD, you ask? Picture a seed.To ensure the growth of a mighty tree, proper nurturing from the start is essential.

Similarly, ECD focuses on nurturing children at their most critical stage of development – early childhood.

Unique Opportunities Awaiting You

Being part of this programme is akin to finding a key to unlock countless opportunities. Some of the benefits you can expect include:

A Helping Hand with Finances
During the program, you’ll have access to funding and financial support.

This alleviates financial stress, enabling you to prioritize what truly matters – learning and personal growth.

Employment Opportunities
On successful completion of the programme, there are employment opportunities waiting for you with reputable DSD/GDE funded NGOs/ECD centres. How amazing is it to walk out of training and straight into a rewarding job?

Enhanced Professional Skills
GCRA takes a holistic approach to training, which means that you’re not just prepared to be an ECD teacher, but a ready professional. You will be exposed to various work readiness initiatives designed to enhance your professional skills.

Are You the Ideal Candidate?
The selection criteria for the ECD Teachers Programme are quite specific. Before you get your hopes high, let’s check if you fit the bill:

A Local Resident
Applicants must be residents of Gauteng. GCRA believes in empowering its own community.

Gauteng Schooled
Did you matriculate from a school in Gauteng? If so, you’re already one step closer to joining this program.

Passion for ECD Education
GCRA is seeking individuals who are passionate about pursuing a career in ECD education. The academy wants to work with people who love what they do.

Age Criteria
The age factor also plays a crucial role. You should be younger than 33 years old and not turn 36 during the programme. GCRA is focusing on training the next generation of ECD teachers.

Mark Your Calendars
The application closing date is 14th July 2023. So, you have plenty of time to prepare and present your best self.

Ready to Apply?
If you have been nodding your head while reading the selection criteria, it seems like you might be the perfect fit!

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