Francis Ibhawoh Foundation Essay Competition For Undergraduate Students 2023

Apply for the Francis Ibhawoh Foundation Essay Competition 2023. Undergraduate students in Edo State, Nigeria, can win N100,000 and other benefits. Learn how to submit an essay on addressing strikes in Nigerian tertiary institutions

Francis Ibhawoh Essay Competition

The Francis Ibhawoh Foundation is delighted to announce its annual essay competition specifically targeted at engaging undergraduate students in insightful discourse and constructive criticism.

This year, the crux of our conversation revolves around the recurring strikes in Nigerian public tertiary institutions and the need to devise sustainable solutions.

The theme for the 2023 Essay Competition is “Incessant Strikes in Nigerian Public Tertiary Institutions and How to Address Them“. The rampant strikes in these institutions disrupt the academic advancement of our youth and impede their comprehensive development.

This problem is worth our collective attention, and it is of critical importance to craft ingenious solutions to provide a stable, conducive learning environment for our students.

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Aim of the Francis Ibhawoh Foundation Essay Competition

  • Provide financial support for undergraduate students
  • Reward, promote, and encourage academic excellence
  • Facilitate the achievement of educational goals
  • Offset the cost of education in tertiary institutions and enhance accessibility
  • Involve university students in discourse about community and national development

Benefits of the Francis Ibhawoh Foundation Essay Competition

This competition offers candidates more than just an opportunity to articulate their ideas. It also provides a chance to win a N100,000 cash prize, receive a certificate of achievement, and network with distinguished scholars, education specialists, and professionals from various sectors.

Francis Ibhawoh Foundation Essay Competition Qualification Requirements

The competition is open to undergraduate students of all disciplines studying in tertiary institutions in Edo State. We firmly believe in the power of diverse perspectives to foster a holistic understanding of the challenges we encounter. Participants are urged to explore the root causes, repercussions, and wider implications of strikes in Nigerian public tertiary institutions, and to recommend effective, sustainable solutions.

Interview date, Process, and Venue

  • Timeline
    1. Entries are accepted between March and June (exact dates may vary slightly)
    2. Annual review of all qualified entries commences on June 30
    3. Screening Committee makes recommendations to Board on or before July 15
    4. Board Selection process concludes by July 15 each year
    5. Scholarship is awarded annually on July 15

How to Apply

Are you interested and meet the requirements? Apply for the Francis Ibhawoh Foundation Essay Competition through the official website.

The Francis Ibhawoh Foundation Essay Competition represents an opportunity for undergraduate students to engage in a dialogue that has wide-reaching implications for their educational progress and the future of the Nigerian tertiary education system. Join us in addressing these critical issues and shaping the future of education in Nigeria.

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