First City Monument Bank | FCMB Paid Internship Program For Graduates

Join FCMB’s Paid Internship Program for graduates. Get a chance to kickstart your career with a 3-month paid internship at First City Monument Bank or its partner organizations through the #FCMBFlexxtern contest.

A Golden Opportunity Awaits: Why You Should Consider the First City Monument Bank Internship

Have you ever daydreamed about kickstarting your career with one of Nigeria’s most reputable financial institutions?

If so, let’s dive into an opportunity that’s too good to ignore.

What is First City Monument Bank (FCMB)?

FCMB is more than just another bank in Nigeria. We are a beacon of financial growth, supporting not just large enterprises but also SMEs and individual customers.

By the end of 2011, our assets were astonishingly valued at approximately US$3.65 billion.

And our shareholders?

They enjoyed an equity summing up to nearly US$772.2 million. Impressive, right?

FCMBFlexxtern Internship Program

Why settle for mundane when you can flex? In collaboration with prestigious institutions in Nigeria, First City Monument Bank proudly presents FCMBFlexxtern. And guess what’s the cherry on top? It’s not just another internship; it’s a paid one! Here’s a brief run-down:

  • Duration: A solid 3 months
  • What’s in it for you?: A paycheck! And not just for one or two, but for 30 deserving winners.
  • Bonus: A one-day intensive career training and, yes, you’ll get a certificate to flaunt!

Are You the Right Fit? Let’s Find Out!

Age is just a number, they say. But for us, it’s a range: 18 to 30. If you find yourself within this bracket and you’ve recently graduated, keep reading!

Qualification Checkpoint:

  • Age: Between 18-30 years at the time of application.
  • Academic prowess: Whether it’s a B.A, B.Sc, OND, HND, or its equivalent, we welcome you all.
  • Field of Study? From Arts, Law & Humanities to Engineering and Applied Sciences, we’ve got slots for a diverse range.

Ground Rules, Because Well, Rules are Important

  • The First City Monument Bank team, along with our partner organizations, holds the final say on all contest-related decisions.
  • If you’re looking for travel, lodging, or logistics assistance, we’d recommend checking elsewhere.
  • Cash? Can’t trade your prizes for it. But hey, the experiences are priceless!
  • Got fraudulent credentials? It’s a no-entry zone for you.
  • As for your submissions, remember they’ll be helping First City Monument Bank shine brighter during and post the contest.

How to Jump On Board?

All roads lead to Rome, but only one leads to the First City Monument Bank Internship.

Visit: and follow the yellow brick road (or just the instructions).

Opportunities like the FCMBFlexxtern don’t knock on your door every day.

So why wait? Dive into this pool of opportunities, get mentored by the best in the industry, and build a career that others envy.

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How long is the FCMBFlexxtern internship?

It’s a 3-month internship.

Can I exchange my prizes for cash during the contest?

No, prizes cannot be exchanged for cash.

What is the age requirement for the FCMBFlexxtern contest?

Applicants should be between 18-30 years of age.

Will First City Monument Bank provide any logistics or lodging support?

No, FCMB and its Partner Organizations do not provide support for lodging, travel, or logistics.

Where can I apply for the First City Monument Bank internship?

Applications are accepted on

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