FG Warns Against Careless Social Media Posting

Protect Your Data: FG Urges Caution on Indiscriminate Social Media Posting Nigerians advised by Communications Minister to be mindful of their online posts as it exposes personal data.

The Nigerian Minister of Communications, Innovation, and Digital Economy, Dr. Bosun Tijani, has recently advised the public to be cautious when posting on social media platforms as it could expose their personal data.

During an Abuja meeting with Data Protection Officers (DPOs), the Minister stressed that data privacy is not just convenient, but a core human right.

As more Nigerians are becoming digitally savvy, it is of utmost importance that their personal and sensitive information is treated with confidentiality.

Government’s Pledge

Instilling confidence in Nigerians about digital platforms, ensuring personal data protection from misuse.

The Minister stated, “With technology becoming ingrained in our routines, data literacy isn’t universal in our society.

“More people are using social media and sharing messages indiscriminately, which is not advisable.

Continuing citizen data education, we call on DPOs to assist in safeguarding information.

Dr. Tijani highlighted that it is not solely the government’s responsibility to protect Nigerians’ data.

The president esteems the digital economy’s potential, and as we advance innovative technology, strong data security and protection are paramount.

“The digital economy is a period of growth and innovation that we must nurture.

For an inclusive digital future, foster responsible data practices, manage, and safeguard citizens’ personal information.

I want to stress that the conversation about data privacy and protection should extend beyond technical aspects; they should be values that we all embrace and uphold firmly.

Working towards an inclusive digital future involves nurturing responsible data practices, managing, and safeguarding citizens’ personal information.

Personally committed as a minister, I urge you to unite for a Nigeria where everyone’s data is secured,” he affirmed.

While praising the Nigeria Data Protection Commission (NDPC) under Dr. Vincent Olatunji’s leadership, the Minister mentioned that the government is also taking proactive measures to strengthen the country’s data protection framework.

He emphasized government’s collaboration with stakeholders, including the national assembly, to enact strong data protection laws aligned with global standards.

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