FG Suspends NPower Program for Now – READ FULL DETAILS

Breaking News: Government Stops N-Power Program for Now

The N-Power program, which was set up by the government to help young people get jobs, has been paused. Betta Edu, who is in charge of Humanitarian Affairs, shared this news on TV.

Why did this happen? There were some big problems. For example, many people were taking money from the program but not actually doing their jobs. Some people were even getting paid when they shouldn’t be.

Betta Edu talked about people who said they were teaching as part of the program. But when they checked, these people weren’t really teaching. Despite this, they still asked for their monthly money. Even more surprising, about 80% of people taking money weren’t really working.

Because of these problems, the government wants to take a closer look at the N-Power program. They will check where the money was going and how many people were really working. After they find out more, they might change the program to make it better.

So for now, the program is on hold. Many people are waiting to see what will happen next. It’s important for such programs to work right so that people trust the government and young people can get the help they need

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