FG 3MTT Program: Phase 2 Shortlist for 2024 Announced

FG 3MTT Program 2nd Phase Selection Shortlist Date 2024 is Out – Check Here

The 3 Million Technical Talent (3MTT) program is a groundbreaking initiative by the Federal government of Nigeria. It’s a key component of the “Renewed Hope” agenda, focusing on building Nigeria’s technical talent base.

This ambitious project aims to transform Nigeria into a powerhouse of digital economy and a significant exporter of technical talent.

Announcement of the 3MTT Learning Community Video Showcase Winners

Dr. Bosun Tijani, the Minister of Communications, Innovation, and Digital Economy, recently took to Twitter to announce the winners of the December 2023 3MTT learning community video showcase competition. This announcement highlights the program’s ongoing commitment to nurturing talent.

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You can view the list of winners on his Twitter page.

Progress of the First Phase

As of November 2023, the first phase of the 3MTT program had already commenced, with 30,000 selected applicants undergoing extensive training. This phase covers an array of twelve critical technical skills, which include:

  1. Software Development
  2. UI/UX Design
  3. Data Analysis and Visualizations
  4. Quality Assurance
  5. Product Management
  6. Data Science
  7. Animation
  8. AI/Machine Learning
  9. Cybersecurity
  10. Game Development
  11. Cloud Computing
  12. DevOps

The Selection Process for the 3MTT Program

The 3MTT program follows a meticulous selection process, ensuring that only the most deserving candidates are chosen:

  1. Application: Interested individuals must submit their applications online through the 3MTT website.
  2. Shortlisting: Candidates who meet the criteria are then shortlisted for an aptitude test.
  3. Aptitude Test: This test evaluates the candidates’ proficiency in mathematics, English, and logic.
  4. Interview: Successful candidates from the aptitude test are invited for an interview.
  5. Final Selection: The culmination of this process is the selection of candidates based on their performance in both the aptitude test and the interview.

How to Check the 3MTT Shortlist

To check if you’ve been shortlisted for the second phase of the 3MTT program, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the official 3MTT website.
  2. Click on the “Check Shortlist” tab.
  3. Input your application number and date of birth.
  4. Click “Submit” to view the results.

If you are among the shortlisted candidates, you will be notified about the next steps in the selection process.

What’s Next for Shortlisted Candidates?

Candidates who have been shortlisted will be invited to participate in a comprehensive training program, covering the same twelve technical skills listed earlier. Upon successful completion, candidates will receive a certificate and opportunities for internships with leading tech companies.


The 3MTT program represents an unparalleled opportunity for Nigerian citizens to develop essential technical skills and secure a promising future in the tech industry.

If you’re interested in this opportunity, or know someone who might be, visit the 3MTT website for more detailed information and application guidelines. This program is more than just a training initiative; it’s a stepping stone towards realizing Nigeria’s potential as a global leader in the digital economy.

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