The Rising Wave: A List of Federal Universities that have Increased their Tuition Fees

Discover the sweeping trend of tuition fee increases across several Nigerian universities, their reasons, and the potential implications on the quality of education.

As the funding crisis deepens in Nigerian public universities, we’re witnessing a radical shift in the tuition fee landscape.

Efforts by the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) to compel the federal government to inject more funds into education have seemingly fallen on deaf ears.

Consequently, several universities have embarked on an unprecedented step – they’ve dramatically hiked their tuition and registration fees.

A report by The Punch illuminates this troubling trend, suggesting a whopping 200% increment by numerous federal universities.

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A Spotlight on Federal University, Dutse

In December 2022, a memo from the Federal University, Dutse, broke the silence, announcing a substantial 200% increase in tuition fees for the 2022/2023 academic session.

To cushion the financial blow on students, the institution devised a two-tier payment system: students can split fees into two installments of 60% and 40% per semester.

A silver lining amidst this gloomy scenario is that children of university employees receive discounts on their tuition fees.

A Closer Look at the University of Maiduguri (UNIMAID)

Inflation, a silent monster, is encroaching on every sector of the economy, education being no exception.

The University of Maiduguri attributed its fee increase to this economic adversary.

So, what are the new tuition fees like at UNIMAID? Let’s break it down:

  • New students in Medicine: N252,500
  • New students in Medical Laboratory and Nursing: N136,500
  • New students in Anatomy: N162,500
  • New students in Physiotherapy: N131,500
  • New students in Radiography: N133,500
  • Continuing students in the Faculty of Basic and Medical Sciences: Between N112,000 and N258,000

The Financial Shift at Federal University, Lafia (FULafia)

Another institution feeling the pinch is the Federal University, Lafia, in Nasarawa state.

The university reportedly raised registration fees for some programs to a staggering high of N150,000.

It’s worth noting that this is the registration fee alone, separate from the tuition fees students must pay.

Tuition Fee Changes at University of Uyo (UniUyo)

The University of Uyo didn’t stand back, instead raising the tuition fees for returning students from N50,000 to over N100,000.

Here’s how the revised fee structure looks:

  • New Medical students: N105,750
  • Returning Medical students: N107,750
  • New and old students in the Faculty of Education: N75,750 and N77,750, respectively.
  • Returning students in the Faculty of Social Sciences: N107,750
  • New students: N105,750

Adjustments at Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike

Citing the spiraling cost of providing services, Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike, has also joined the bandwagon of institutions raising tuition fees.

This announcement came in December 2022.

The ASUU’s Stand

ASUU has expressed its intention to pursue legal action against the federal government’s refusal to pay full salaries to lecturers during the 2022 strike period.

However, ASUU’s president, Professor Emmanuel Osodeke, has voiced concerns over the slow dispensation of justice in Nigerian courts, suggesting the legal process could be a potential waste of time.

As we unravel this scenario, the paramount question remains: How will these tuition fee hikes affect students and the overall quality of education in Nigeria?

Only time will reveal the full impact of these decisions.

Until then, we can only hope for a sustainable resolution that caters to all stakeholders in the education sector.

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Why have Nigerian universities increased their tuition fees?

The universities attribute the increase to inflation and the rising cost of providing education services.

What steps have been taken to alleviate the financial burden on students?

Some universities, like the Federal University, Dutse, have allowed for fees to be paid in installments and offered discounts to children of university workers.

What is ASUU’s stance on this issue?

ASUU is considering legal action against the federal government’s refusal to pay full lecturer salaries during the 2022 strike period.

Are registration fees and tuition fees the same?

No, registration fees are separate from tuition fees. Some universities have increased both.

What impact will these fee increases have on students and education quality?

The full impact is yet to be determined. There are concerns that the hikes could affect accessibility to education and its overall quality.

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