Federal Government Interest-Free Loans for 2023: A Complete List

Discover the 2023 Federal Government Interest-Free Loans provided through the Central Bank of Nigeria, suitable for youths, farmers, businesspeople, and households.

When it comes to financial growth and stability, many people look for opportunities that ease their journey.

In Nigeria, the Federal Government provides interest-free loans through the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), creating a gateway for citizens to venture into business without the fear of accrued interests.

What is an Interest-Free Loan?

In a nutshell, an interest-free loan is one where the borrower repays only the amount borrowed, not a penny more.

Unlike conventional loans that come with interest, these loans are a breath of fresh air to individuals yearning to start or expand their businesses.

Who Stands to Benefit?

The beauty of these government-backed, interest-free loans is that they are accessible to a broad demographic, including:

  • Energetic youths with innovative business ideas.
  • Hardworking farmers working the lands to feed the nation.
  • Ambitious businessmen and women looking to expand their ventures.
  • Households in need of a financial boost.

Decoding the 2023 Federal Government Loans

As we dive into 2023, here’s an in-depth look at the federal government loans you can take advantage of:


Established to aid businesses and households grappling with the economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, this loan is a lifesaver for many Nigerians.

Interested? Apply here

2. NYSC CBN Loan

Tailored for corps members and ex-corps members, this loan provides the financial muscle needed to transition from dependence on salaried employment.

You can start your application here.

3. Nexit Loan

Exclusively for former N-power beneficiaries, the Nexit loan injects capital into their business endeavors. Applications can be submitted via the Nexit portal.


Aimed at stimulating growth in agriculture and SMEs, this loan is the propeller you need to steer your business towards success. Find out more and apply here.

5. Npower GEEP Loan

Specifically designed for N-power batch A and B beneficiaries, this loan ensures that they maintain a steady income. Learn more and apply here.

6. NHF Loan from Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria

The National Housing Fund loan makes homeownership a reality for many Nigerians. Get all the details on how to apply here.

7. TraderMoni Loan

Created for petty traders and artisans, this interest-free loan gives their businesses the much-needed financial lift. You can apply here.

8. FarmerMoni Loan

Geared towards supporting and encouraging small-scale farmers, this loan helps boost agricultural productivity. Start your application process here.

9. MarketMoni Loan

Under the Government Enterprise and Empowerment Programme (GEEP), the MarketMoni loan offers financial aid to business people, resembling the TraderMoni loan. You can apply here.

10. NYIF Loan

The Nigeria Youth Investment Fund is an initiative to stimulate youth entrepreneurship, ultimately combating unemployment. Learn more and apply here.



The Federal Government Interest-Free Loans, disbursed through the Central Bank of Nigeria, are designed to stimulate the country’s economic growth by providing the necessary capital for businesses.

With options available for youths, farmers, businesspeople, and households, there’s a loan suitable for everyone.

Embrace these opportunities in 2023 and pave your way to financial stability and growth.

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What is an interest-free loan?

An interest-free loan is a loan where the borrower only repays the borrowed amount, without any additional interest.

Who can benefit from the Federal Government Interest-Free Loans?

These loans are available for youths with business ideas, farmers, businesspeople, and households.

How can I apply for these loans?

Each loan has a specific application link, and you can follow these links to apply.

Is there any interest to be paid on the NYIF Loan?

No, the NYIF loan is interest-free.

Are these loans available to non-Nigerians?

These loan schemes are designed primarily for Nigerian citizens.

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