Empowering Women in Technology: FLiT’s Revolutionary Launch

Discover FLiT, the revolutionary tech apprenticeship platform empowering women in technology. Brought to you by Utiva, in collaboration with CFYE.

The Promise of Equal Gender Representation in Tech

The tech ecosystem is all set for a transformative shift.

This shift revolves around the promise of gender equality and is heralded by Utiva, a trailblazer in Tech Education.

A grand alliance with the Challenge Fund for Youth Employment (CFYE) has culminated in the launch of FLiT on June 21, 2023.

FLiT serves as an innovative platform offering apprenticeships for women and girls venturing into the tech domain.

FLiT – A Bridge between Talents and Tech Companies

Promising to close the prevalent hiring gap, FLiT aims to fuel the tech industry with employable talents.

This unique platform allows youngsters to hone their tech skills while being gainfully employed with Nigerian tech companies.

As the apprentices gather hands-on experience, they simultaneously undergo training, ensuring a wholesome learning experience.

Empowering Women: A Commitment Etched in Tech

FLiT has been meticulously designed with a focus on kick-starting the tech careers of 2000 women and aiding 1000 tech companies in talent acquisition.

Through direct mentoring, coaching, and real-world projects, beneficiaries build their capacities while contributing to the tech industry.

The Exclusive Features and Benefits of FLiT

FLiT’s success lies in its unique offerings:

  1. An accelerator for developing tech skillsets
  2. A reservoir of skilled tech talents for hiring partners
  3. Stipend payment and supervisor allocation for tech apprentices
  4. Opening up employment opportunities for tech enthusiasts

FLiT: Breaking Glass Ceilings

The enthusiasm surrounding FLiT’s launch was palpable.

Programs Manager, Damilola Daniels, perfectly captured the sentiment, stating, “We are ecstatic to introduce FLiT, our innovative tech project, aimed at shattering the glass ceilings for women in the tech ecosystem.”

As a seasoned tech education company that has trained over 50,000 talents globally, Utiva is confident that FLiT aligns with its vision of supporting world-class companies in fulfilling their tech talent needs.

A Tech Industry Game Changer

FLiT symbolizes Utiva’s commitment to pushing the technological boundaries and delivering unmatched value to the tech industry.

“We are confident that our solution will usher in a new era in the tech space, effectively transforming the tech industry,” states Utiva.

The Future of FLiT

With industry experts, early adopters, and training and hiring partners already showing interest, FLiT is poised for immense success.

Committed to continuous improvement, FLiT will consistently incorporate user feedback and stay abreast of technological advancements to continually enhance their solution.

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Q1: What is FLiT?

FLiT is a groundbreaking tech apprenticeship platform designed to empower women and girls in the technology space.

Q2: Who launched FLiT and why?

Utiva, in partnership with the Challenge Fund for Youth Employment, launched FLiT to bridge the hiring gap in the tech industry and promote gender equality.

Q3: How does FLiT help aspiring tech professionals?

FLiT enables young people to gain technology skills while simultaneously working with technology companies, providing a comprehensive, real-world learning experience.

Q4: What are the benefits of FLiT for tech companies?

FLiT provides a pool of trained, skilled tech talents ready for hiring, helping tech companies meet their talent needs more efficiently.

Q5: What is the future of FLiT?

FLiT is dedicated to constant improvement, integrating user feedback and keeping pace with technological advancements to provide an enhanced solution for both trainees and companies.

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