Ecobank Nigeria Appeals N72 Billion Court Judgment in Honeywell’s Case

In a landmark legal case, Ecobank Nigeria Limited appeals a N72 billion judgment in favor of Honeywell Flour Mills.

Uncover the story behind this high-stakes legal battle.

In an intriguing turn of events, Ecobank Nigeria Limited has indicated its intention to challenge a ruling by the Federal High Court of Lagos, which ordered the bank to pay a staggering N72 billion to Honeywell Flour Mills.

1. Judgement Against Ecobank

The judgment, handed down by Hon.

Justice Liman, found in favor of Honeywell Flour Mills.

Ecobank, voicing its stance on the matter, stated that it finds the judgment ill-conceived and firmly believes it will not withstand scrutiny in higher courts.

2. Ecobank’s Plan for Appeal

The bank, demonstrating tenacity, has signaled its intention to fiercely contest the judgment.

Displaying high confidence, the bank expressed optimism that the judgment can and will be overturned in higher courts.

3. The Genesis of the Legal Battle

This litigation can be traced back to 2018 when Ecobank took steps to enforce an undertaking related to damages, originally filed alongside its Winding Up Petition and the subsequent Ex-Parte Orders granted in the bank’s favor.

4. Jurisdictional Contention

Ecobank contested the Federal High Court’s jurisdiction over the matter through a Notice of Preliminary Objection.

The bank argued that the lawsuit fell outside the purview of Section 251 (d) of the Constitution as it pertained to damages stemming from an Ex-Parte Order, and not a Banker-Customer relationship.

5. The Proceedings

The trial reached a conclusion on the 9th of March 2021. Both parties then presented their final written addresses, alongside Ecobank’s Notice of Preliminary Objection.

6. Supreme Court’s Role

Following a Supreme Court judgment in Ecobank’s favor in Suit No.

SC/CV/210/2021 delivered on the 27th of January 2023, Ecobank filed a motion to dismiss the lawsuit.

The bank argued that the suit had become redundant following the Supreme Court’s ruling that Honeywell was still in debt to Ecobank.

7. Outcome of the Legal Proceedings

Unfortunately for Ecobank, the court dismissed its two applications.

The court deemed it had jurisdiction over the lawsuit, and it had not become redundant.

Ecobank raised several objections over the court’s refusal to consider certain evidence.

8. Unjustifiable Claims?

Ecobank contends that the court neglected to consider that the Ex-Parte Orders were lifted on points of law and that they were not frivolously acquired by the bank.

9. Ecobank’s Dedication to Transparency

Despite the current legal battle, Ecobank continues to reiterate its commitment to transparency, adherence to laws and regulations, and its status as a proud member of the Pan-African Bank.

10. The Case for the Plaintiff: Honeywell Flour Mills

On the other side of the court room, Honeywell Flour Mills claimed they were unjustly denied access to funds in their account due to the ex parte order granted in favor of Ecobank.

11. The Court’s Verdict

The court, presided over by Justice Muhammad Lima, granted all reliefs sought by Honeywell, dismissing Ecobank’s request.

This result elicited a stern response from Justice Lima towards Ecobank’s legal representation.

12. The Damages of an Ex Parte Order

An important legal point to note is the purpose of an undertaking to pay damages in legal situations like this one.

It is often meant to indemnify a party for losses they may incur due to an ex parte order.

13. The Rule of Law

Rule 4 of the Winding Up Rules mandates that any application affecting parties’ rights in a winding-up proceeding must be made on notice.

14. The Road Ahead

As this complex legal case continues to evolve, Ecobank maintains its position that the issue should be conclusively resolved following the applicable judicial process.

15. Takeaway

The landmark judgment in favor of Honeywell has undoubtedly sent shockwaves through the banking industry.

As Ecobank prepares to appeal the decision, all eyes will be on the courtroom, watching this precedent-setting case unfo

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1. What is the issue between Ecobank and Honeywell Flour Mills?

The dispute centers around a N72 billion judgment by the Federal High Court of Lagos against Ecobank. The bank is ordered to pay this amount to Honeywell Flour Mills.

2. Why is Ecobank appealing the judgment?

Ecobank believes the judgment is flawed and that it can be overturned in a higher court.

3. What was the initial lawsuit about?

The lawsuit began in 2018 when Ecobank sought to enforce an undertaking about damages which was filed along with its Winding Up Petition and the Ex-Parte Orders granted in its favor.

4. What is Honeywell’s stance on the judgment?

Honeywell argued that they were unjustly denied access to funds in their account due to the ex parte order in favor of Ecobank.

5. What is the possible impact of this case on the banking industry?

The judgment, if upheld, could set a precedent for future cases and could potentially impact how banks handle similar disputes.

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