Date Announced: N50,000 Grant for Nigerians from FG Nigeria

The Nigerian government is offering a helping hand to small businesses with a grant of N50,000. This initiative is aimed at helping various types of small businesses, from mechanics and makeup artists to shopkeepers, grow and thrive. The goal is to support one million small businesses across Nigeria.

This article explains all about the program:

  1. Who can get the grant?
  2. How much is it? (already answered)
  3. How do I apply? (application closed)
  4. When will I get the money?
  5. How do they pick winners?

Important things to remember:

  • Not everyone who applies will win.
  • It takes time to check everyone’s info.
  • This grant is to help small businesses grow. You might need to make your business more official and hire more people later.

This program is different from the N135.4 billion NG-CARES funds given to states earlier.

fg 50k grant

Great news for Nigerian small business owners! The government is giving out grants of N50,000 to support the growth of various businesses across the country. This article provides a comprehensive guide on everything you need to know about the program.

Who Can Apply (Eligibility)

The grant aims to reach a broad spectrum of small business owners across Nigeria, focusing on:

  • Types of Businesses:
    • Vulcanizers (people who repair tires)
    • Makeup artists
    • Wheelbarrow pushers
    • Petty traders (small shop owners)
    • Dry cleaners
    • Many other small-scale businesses
  • Target Demographics: The program has set specific targets to ensure that various groups benefit:
    • 70% Women and Youths: This large portion of the grant is dedicated to supporting young people and women who own small businesses.
    • 10% People with Disabilities: Ensuring that business owners with disabilities receive support is a key aim of this initiative.
    • 5% Senior Citizens: Older business owners are also included to help them continue or expand their businesses.
    • 15% Other Demographics: This includes any other small business owners who don’t fall into the above categories.

Grant Amount

Each selected beneficiary will receive a grant of N50,000 to help them strengthen their business.

Application Status

Unfortunately, the application period for this grant program is now closed. This information is most helpful for those who already submitted their applications.

Grant Disbursement Timeline

If you applied and were selected, you can expect to receive the N50,000 grant by the end of May 2024.

Selection and Notification Process

The selection process is completely random and computerized. This means there’s no need to wait for individual contact. Once your National Identification Number (NIN) and Bank Verification Number (BVN) are successfully verified, the grant will be automatically deposited.

Here’s a more detailed and simplified explanation of the N50,000 grant for small businesses in Nigeria, broken down into clear sections:

Important Considerations

  • Not Everyone Will Receive the Grant: Out of over 3.6 million applications, only one million businesses will be selected. This means not every applicant will get the grant.
  • Verification Takes Time: The process of checking each applicant’s details is ongoing and can take a while. Patience is crucial as the government works through the verification.
  • Business Formalization and Growth: Receiving this grant may come with the expectation that you formalize your business structure. This could mean registering your business officially and possibly hiring more staff as your business grows.

Additional Information

  • This Grant vs. Other Programs: It’s important to note that this N50,000 grant program is separate from the N135.4 billion NG-CARES funds that were previously distributed to Nigerian states.
  • Further Assistance: If you have more questions or need help, the Ministry of Industry, Trade, and Investment is available to provide support.


This grant is a part of the Nigerian government’s efforts to boost small businesses, which are the backbone of the economy. By providing financial support, the government hopes to encourage growth and sustainability among small enterprises. Keep an eye on official announcements for any updates, and remember to reach out to the Ministry if you need clarification or assistance

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