The Federal Government’s Generous Contribution: Curtailing Anthrax Spread in Lagos with 50,000 Vaccine Doses

Unveiling the Federal Government’s significant step to combat Anthrax spread in Lagos with a massive donation of 50,000 vaccine doses.

The Federal Government has magnanimously donated a massive 50,000 doses of the Anthrax vaccine to the Lagos State Government.

This notable act is aimed at forestalling the rampant spread of the anthrax disease.

Impetus for Action

The exciting news was brought to light by the Assistant Director of Information at the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Mr. Ezeaja Ikemefuna.

He confirmed this in a statement that hit the press this Monday.

With this strategic move, the objective is twofold – firstly, to mitigate the anthrax disease’s incursion into both the animal and human populations.

Secondly, the plan is to guarantee the safety of the vital livestock sub-sector.

Fast Tracking Vaccination

The Permanent Secretary of the Ministry, Dr. Ernest Umakhihe, voiced his thoughts at the event.

He firmly believes that this vaccine donation would expedite the immunization of animals against the disease.

Furthermore, this initiative is poised to ensure that butchers only vend healthy meat, contributing substantially to safeguarding the livestock sub-sector.

Humans, on the other hand, are susceptible when they breathe in these spores.

Further, they could get infected by consuming contaminated meat or coming into skin contact with wounds or cuts while handling a sick or deceased anthrax-infected animal.

The permanent secretary urged the State Government to launch extensive public awareness and sensitization campaigns among stakeholders to curb the spread of the disease in Lagos.

“Our primary goal in this visit is to raise awareness and sensitize stakeholders about disease prevention and control.

In collaboration with the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) of the United Nations, we have supplied 50,000 free doses of the Anthrax vaccine to the state.”

Raising the Alarm

“Cattle merchants and butchers must be made aware of the symptoms and signs of this disease.

Armed with this knowledge, they can promptly alert the veterinary authorities,’’ he said.

Vaccination Drives and More
“Vaccinations have already begun in the state, and we have set up surveillance and biosecurity at points of entry of abattoirs in Lagos to detect any ailing animal.

Taking Vaccination to the Urban Farming Sector
“Lagos state has initiated a house-to-house vaccination campaign as it is an urban area where some people practice urban farming.

Lagos is thus taking the vaccination campaign right to the doorsteps of urban livestock farmers,’’ she said.

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What is the Federal Government doing to control the spread of Anthrax in Lagos?

The Federal Government has donated 50,000 doses of the Anthrax vaccine to the Lagos State Government to prevent the spread of Anthrax.

Who is at risk of getting Anthrax?

Both humans and animals are at risk. People working closely with infected animals and consuming contaminated meat are particularly susceptible.

How are animals and humans infected with Anthrax?

Animals can be infected when they breathe in or ingest spores in contaminated soil, plants, or water. Humans can contract it by inhaling these spores, eating contaminated meat, or through skin contact with infected animals.

What are the measures taken by Lagos State in response to the Anthrax threat?

Lagos State has started vaccination drives, set up surveillance and biosecurity at points of entry of abattoirs, and developed a house-to-house vaccination campaign targeting urban livestock farmers.

What can cattle merchants and butchers do to help prevent the spread of Anthrax?

They should be aware of the symptoms and signs of the disease so they can promptly alert veterinary authorities.

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