Centre for Islamic Studies Scholarships at Oxford University

Explore the Centre for Islamic Studies Scholarships at Oxford University. Discover eligibility criteria, application process and Deadline

Centre for Islamic Studies Scholarships at Oxford University
Founded in 1985, the Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies, affiliated with the University of Oxford, connects Islamic and Western academia, promoting research on Islam and the Islamic world.

Origins of Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies

Founding and Purpose
Established in 1985, the Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies was conceived to foster the academic study of Islam and its intricate global dimensions. The center has helped unite Western and Islamic academia.

A Global Impact
Outside Oxford’s iconic boundaries, the centre’s influence is further magnified by its vast international network of academic relationships and affiliations.

Exploring the Old University of Oxford

Oxford’s Ancient Lineage
As one of the oldest English-speaking universities, the University of Oxford holds an unmatched historical lineage.

Although its exact foundation remains elusive, there’s evidence of teaching as early as 1096.

This legacy expanded significantly post-1167, post the Henry II decree, which restricted English students from the University of Paris.

Modern Oxford and its Relevance
Today, Oxford remains a global knowledge and excellence hub, drawing students and scholars from around the world.

Centre for Islamic Studies Scholarship Benefits

Monetary Advantages
A significant allure of this scholarship is the full coverage of course fees, accompanied by a living cost grant, ensuring that the student’s financial burden is substantially alleviated.

Duration of Support
Award recipients can rest easy, knowing that their fee obligations for the stipulated course are entirely taken care of throughout their academic journey.

Eligibility and Qualification Criteria

Residency and Nationality Stipulations
To be considered, applicants must either hail from the UK’s Muslim community, giving preference to those facing financial hardships, or originate from one of the extensive list of countries, ranging from Afghanistan to Yemen.

Intent of Study
It’s paramount for applicants to pursue studies either stemming from the Islamic tradition or having relevance and potential benefits for the Muslim world.

Assessing Financial Need and Merit
Both academic excellence and financial necessity are central tenets of the selection process, evaluated through the applicant’s Oxford application.

The Application Process

Steps to Follow
On the University of Oxford Scholarships form, select the Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies Scholarship.

Submit the graduate study application by the pertinent December/January deadline specific to the desired course.
Furnish a supporting statement for the Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies Scholarships and upload it alongside the graduate application form.

Determining Eligibility
Your graduate application will ask for your nationality and residence details.

Furthermore, to be in contention for this scholarship, one’s course application needs to be successful after evaluation against the December/January deadline’s submissions.

Important Dates
For those aspiring to avail of this scholarship, the deadline is January 2024, albeit this may vary depending on the specific course.

For More Information
For additional information, visit www.ox.ac.uk/admissions, the official University of Oxford website.

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