Uncover Canada’s Fee and Economical Universities for Quality Education

Explore our comprehensive guide on affordable Canadian universities for Nigerian students. Learn about tuition fees, admission requirements, and more!

Looking to pursue higher education on a budget?

You’ve landed on the right page! As a top-tier destination for education, Canada is globally recognized for its high-quality universities, some of which are surprisingly affordable or even free! Let’s explore these institutions, especially beneficial for Nigerian students, and find out about their fees, courses, and the application process.

A Glimpse of Cost-Effective Universities in Canada

Check out our updated list of Canadian universities, including tuition fees and admission requirements.

Memorial University of Newfoundland
Tuition fee: CAD 3,330 – CAD 11,460 per session
This university welcomes students from around the world and offers a more affordable cost of living compared to other global institutions.

They primarily look for a high school diploma, transcripts, English proficiency, and some specific prerequisites based on your chosen program.

University of Prince Edward Island
Tuition fee: CAD 6,270 – CAD 7,020 per session
As an affordable institution with a small student body, we welcome applicants with a high school diploma, transcripts, English language proficiency, and specific prerequisites for each program.

Simon Fraser University
Tuition fee: CAD 4,155 – CAD 5,100 per session
This renowned university offers quality education at a reasonable price, with admission requirements similar to other institutions.

University of Saskatchewan
Tuition fee: CAD 7,216 – CAD 25,092 per session
Like other Canadian universities, admission typically depends on your high school diploma, transcripts, English language proficiency, and some program-specific prerequisites.

University of Manitoba
Tuition fee: CAD 4,913 – CAD 6,504 per session
The University of Manitoba provides a high-quality education at an affordable price, following standard admission prerequisites like most Canadian universities.

University of Northern British Columbia
Tuition fee: CAD 4,803 – CAD 5,623 per session
This university, known for its diverse and inclusive community, follows general admission requirements.

Université de Saint-Boniface
Tuition fee: CAD 3,840 – CAD 5,520 per session
This French-speaking university not only offers affordable education but also welcomes students with diverse cultural backgrounds. Alongside standard requirements, French language proficiency is needed.

Brandon University
Tuition fee: CAD 4,939 – CAD 5,955 per session
Brandon University boasts low tuition fees and offers a variety of undergraduate programs.

Mount Royal University
Tuition fee: CAD 4,979 – CAD 7,313 per session
Mount Royal University in Calgary, Alberta offers a variety of affordable programs.

Thompson Rivers University
Tuition fee: CAD 4,310 – CAD 5,410 per session
Thompson Rivers University in Kamloops, British Columbia offers a diverse range of programs at a reasonable cost.

Acadia University
Tuition fee: Undergraduates – $7,495; Master’s students – $10,546
Acadia University, known for its easy admission process, is another affordable option for Nigerian students.

Concordia University College Alberta
Tuition fee: Undergraduates – $11,680 per session; Postgraduates – $6,100 per year
This renowned university offers scholarships and is known for its supportive learning environment.

Canada’s Government Support

The Canadian government has introduced a program to provide nearly free education to students from disadvantaged backgrounds.

This initiative applies to both Canadian and international students.

How Nigerian Students Can Apply

Nigerian students wishing to apply for these Canadian universities need to fulfill certain requirements, including a Canadian visa, international passport, English proficiency proof, a recommendation letter, and their high school results.

Studying in Canada can be both affordable and rewarding.

Our list of free and affordable universities provides Nigerian students with the opportunity to pursue their studies in Canada without the burden of high fees.

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