Big news: Canada wants 500,000 new people, Nigerians invited to apply!

Canada Makes It Easier for Nigerians and Others to Apply for Immigration.

Canada has shared its immigration plan for the next three years. They want to welcome 500,000 new immigrants every year starting from 2025. This is the most immigrants they’ve ever welcomed at once. Canada hopes to bring in talented and smart people from all over the world, including Nigerians.

Immigration Levels Plan

The following is a breakdown of the Canadian government’s immigration levels plan for 2024-2026:

YearEconomic ClassFamily ClassHumanitarian Class
2024281,135 (58%)114,000 (24%)89,865 (19%)
2025301,250 (60%)118,000 (24%)80,832 (16%)
2026301,250 (60%)118,000 (24%)80,832 (16%)

Immigration Programs

The following are the main immigration programs that the Canadian government uses to select and admit new immigrants:

How to Apply

The application process for each immigration program varies, but there are some general steps that all applicants must follow:

  1. Find out if you can apply. Different immigration programs have their own rules for who can apply. You can check if you qualify for any of these programs on the Government of Canada’s website.
  2. Collect your paperwork. People applying for immigration will have to gather different types of documents to back up their application. These documents can include things like a passport, test scores for language skills, and evidence of having enough money.
  3. Send in your application. After you’ve gathered all your documents, you can send your application either online or by mail.

New Rule for International Students

The Canadian government has introduced a new rule for international students, including Nigerians. Starting from December 1, 2023, all international students must confirm their acceptance from a recognized learning institution (DLI) before they can apply for a study permit. This new requirement aims to safeguard international students from fraudulent activities.


Canada is a welcoming nation with a diverse population made up of people from all corners of the world. The Canadian government has a plan for immigration spanning from 2024 to 2026, and it aims to attract skilled and intelligent individuals from across the globe. If you are interested in relocating to Canada, there are different programs that you may be eligible for. To find out more, visit the Government of Canada’s official website.

Additional Information for Nigerians

Nigerians can apply for any of the immigration programs mentioned earlier as long as they meet the requirements. To apply, Nigerians will need to include a police clearance certificate from their home country with their application. They might also be required to provide a medical exam report. The time it takes to process immigration applications can vary based on the specific program and individual circumstances.

Tips for Nigerian Applicants

Here are some tips for Nigerian applicants:

  • Start planning early: The immigration process can take several months or even years to complete. It is important to start planning early so that you have enough time to gather all of the required documents and meet all of the eligibility criteria.
  • Get help from a professional: If you need help with the immigration process, you can consult with an immigration consultant or lawyer. They can help you to determine your eligibility, gather the required documents, and submit your application.
  • Be honest and complete in your application: It’s crucial to be truthful and provide all necessary information in your immigration application. Providing false or misleading information can result in your application being denied.


Canada is a great place to live and work. If you are a Nigerian who is interested in immigrating to Canada, I encourage you to start planning early and to get help from a professional. With careful planning and preparation, you can increase your chances of success.

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