CANADA to Decrease Student Visas – Discover Causes

Canada is contemplating a reduction in student visas as a potential solution to its ongoing housing crisis. The unprecedented influx of international students, rising housing costs, urbanization, and government policies have all contributed to the housing shortage.

Canada faces rising housing expenses, potentially leading to restricting foreign student intake.

Sean Fraiser, the Canadian Housing Minister, shared this concern with journalists at a gathering in Prince Edward Island.

He proposed capping international student numbers as a potential fix.

Unprecedented Influx of Foreign Students

“We have established mechanisms for individuals to temporarily reside in Canada, but we did not anticipate the volume of arrivals in such a short duration,” he remarkedIn 2022, active visa holders surpassed 800,000 international students, a sharp rise from 2012’s 275,000.

This upswing has drawn global students to Canada due to the simplified acquisition of work permits during studies.

Housing Crisis Exacerbated

Prior to his housing role, Fraiser was responsible for immigration. He observed that student influx fuels housing shortages in certain areas.

According to Reuters, the opposition Conservative Party, although not currently in power but projected to perform well in upcoming elections, believes that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s administration is not adequately addressing the housing dilemma.

Canada’s Population Growth Strategy

Canada, with around 39.5 million inhabitants, intends to welcome a record 500,000 new permanent residents in 2025.

However, Fraiser emphasized that merely restricting new arrivals is not a comprehensive solution.

Is Limiting Student Visas the Solution?

A question arises: Is limiting the number of student visas the ultimate solution?

The housing crisis is intricate and goes beyond limiting foreign student numbers for a fix.

Although a short-term relief, a comprehensive, enduring strategy is vital to tackle its root causes.

Housing Costs Surge:

Escalating prices render housing unaffordable for Canadians and international students alike.

Demand spikes, driven by newcomers and international students, along with supply shortages, propel housing costs skyward.

Urbanization and Crowding:
Major cities such as Toronto and Vancouver allure many students and new immigrants, straining the housing market with congestion and intensifying challenges.

This urbanization trend is contributing to the housing crisis, and capping the number of student visas may only offer a temporary respite.

Government Policies:
Debates point to indirect housing crisis contribution via government policies—like low-interest rates and immigration favorability.

Vital to review and adapt these policies for housing market stability.



Why is Canada considering reducing the number of student visas?

Canada’s housing crisis, worsened by international student influx, prompts government contemplation of curbing student visas to ease housing scarcity.

How many international students were in Canada in 2022?

In 2022, there were over 800,000 international students with active visas in Canada.

What other factors contribute to Canada’s housing crisis?

Factors adding to the housing crisis include increased costs, urbanization, crowding in cities, and government policies.

What is the government’s position on the housing crisis?

The government acknowledges the housing crisis and weighs solutions, including student visa limits. Yet, officials like Housing Minister Sean Fraiser stress this isn’t a comprehensive fix.

What is the projected number of new permanent residents Canada plans to admit in 2025?

Canada plans to admit a record 500,000 new permanent residents in 2025.

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