Canada Packaging Jobs with Visa Sponsorship June 2024 ($23–$30 an hour)

This article explores job opportunities and effective job search strategies in Canada.

Now, immigrants from abroad have access to more than 100,000 job vacancies in the country.

Canada Jobbank has many high-paying jobs for foreign workers.

Canadian companies hire unskilled foreign workers too, good for graduates and immigrants. Some companies even sponsor visas for foreigners in Canada.

 Canada needs workers in many fields, like farming, making things, building, computers, healthcare.

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To fill the gap, companies hire entry-level workers and offer good jobs to foreigners.

This page helps foreign workers find jobs in Canada.

Use the tools to find latest jobs, popular roles, high-paying jobs, salaries, benefits, and good career options.


Canada pretty, people nice, also many jobs! Country strong economy, likes different people, respects rights.

Good place for people want better life. This article helps foreigners get jobs in Canada.

Learn who can work, how to get permission, what jobs there are, how much they pay, and more.

The Canadian Job Market 

Canada has many different jobs, and they change all the time! Finding the best job for you can be tricky. Here are some tips:

1. Job Hunting Online:

Start by exploring the online world of jobs. Websites like job boards and company pages list countless opportunities. Search for jobs by your interests, skills, or even specific companies you like. This gives you a good idea of what’s out there.

2. Talk to the Experts:

Meeting people who hire, also known as “networking,” is a secret weapon! Attend events where these folks talk about jobs in your field. Ask questions, make connections, and learn about exciting opportunities you might not have found online.

3. Stay in the Know:

The job market is constantly changing, so keep learning about new roles in your field. Read articles, watch videos, and even ask professionals. By staying updated, you’ll be prepared for the latest openings and stand out from the crowd.

4. Make Friends in Your Field:

Connect with people who hire in your field! Go to job fairs, industry meetups, or online groups. Chat with them, build relationships, and let them know you’re actively seeking a job. You never know, they might have an opening or connect you with someone who does!

Remember: These tips are like superpowers for your job search. By using them, you’ll open doors to amazing opportunities and find the perfect job that matches your skills and dreams. Good luck!

Packaging Jobs in Canada with Visa Sponsorship March 2024

Elemental worker – Packaging

Move raw materials, finished products, and equipment around the facility by hand or using power equipment.

Organize, wrap, box, and prepare materials and products.

Carry out other strenuous and basic tasks. Finally, clean the equipment and the surrounding workspaces.


2. Packer Duties and Responsibilities

Cuts and places cold cuts into the vacuum packaging machine.

Wraps ready-to-eat meats for vacuum and shrink tunnel packaging.

Ensures all products are correctly labeled. Might help in making sausages and preparing salads.

Uses both manual and automatic slicing machines, vacuum packaging machines, wrapping devices, and knives.

Notifies the packing room supervisor of any equipment malfunctions.

Reports any quality control problems to the supervisor. Follows health and safety guidelines strictly.

Takes on extra duties as assigned by management.


3. Packaging Operator

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Prepare machinery (including digital devices) for use.
  • Switch machinery for different tasks. Operate the machinery.
  • Maintain tool shadow boards and carts for changing parts.
  • Conduct quality checks on machine functions and materials.
  • Clean the workspace.
  • Attend team meetings when necessary
  • Follow “Good Manufacturing Practices” (GMPs).
  • Learn and aim to meet key performance indicators (KPIs) for achieving SQCDPE (Safety, Quality, Cost, Delivery, People, and Environment) objectives.
  • Fill out documents accurately. Verify that product codes are correct.
  • Perform additional tasks as required.


Eligibility and Work Permit

Before starting your job search in Canada, it’s important to understand the eligibility requirements and the types of work permits available.

In Canada, work permits can be obtained through various programs such as Express Entry, the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP), and the Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP).

It’s advisable to research and select the program that aligns best with your skills and career goals.

There are also numerous job opportunities available for foreigners in sectors like agriculture, fruit-picking, harvesting, packaging, manufacturing, and production.

These jobs are available in different Canadian cities all year round. Foreign workers can also find top sponsorship jobs in Canada through most recruitment agencies.

Interested, qualified, and experienced candidates are encouraged to apply for premier job openings in Canada.

We have compiled a list of the latest job opportunities and urgent vacancies for foreigners in Canada.

Most organizations offer work permit visas for Canada, and candidates can apply through the Canada Express Entry VISA system.

Interested, qualified, and experienced individuals are advised to submit their updated resumes and any required documents.

Advantages of Working in Canada as a Foreigner

Working in Canada offers numerous benefits for foreigners, including:

  • High-quality Healthcare: Canada’s publicly supported healthcare system ensures access to medical care for all residents, including foreign nationals. Employers often provide additional health insurance.
  • Competitive Salaries: Salaries in Canada vary by industry, role, and location, with high-demand sectors like healthcare and technology offering lucrative opportunities.
  • Safe Working Environment: Canada is known for its inclusive and safe workplaces, with strict occupational health and safety regulations and protective labor laws.
  • Diverse Employment Options: The dynamic economy offers a wide range of job opportunities across various sectors.
  • Work-Life Balance: Many Canadian employers prioritize work-life balance, enhancing employee well-being and job satisfaction.
  • Educational Opportunities: Foreign workers may receive support for further education and professional development.
  • Social Benefits: Employees enjoy paid time off, vacation days, maternity/paternity leave, and other social benefits.
  • Multicultural Community: Canada’s inclusivity and diversity contribute to a rich multicultural working environment.
  • Retirement Benefits: Some employers offer retirement and pension plans for financial security.
  • Professional Networking: Working in Canada can expand your professional network, aiding personal and career growth.
  • Permanent Residency Opportunities: Depending on their occupation and work permit, foreign workers may have the chance to settle permanently in Canada.
  • Natural Beauty and Living Standards: Canada offers a high standard of living and is renowned for its environmental commitment and natural beauty.

Finding Visa Sponsorship Jobs in Canada

Dreaming of a Canadian job with visa sponsorship? Hold on! While companies can sponsor work permits, it’s not a simple route.

Important: Right now, the Canadian government doesn’t have specific “sponsor jobs” programs. Companies sponsoring visas involve paperwork and cost, making them less likely to choose applicants needing sponsorship.

So, what are your better options?

  1. Permanent Residency: If you qualify, this visa grants you the right to live and work anywhere in Canada.
  2. Working Holiday Visa: This temporary visa lets you work and explore Canada for up to a year.

Remember, rushing or skipping the official visa process is impossible. Be genuine and explore the authorized pathways to your Canadian dream job!


Finding job in Canada possible! Here are some things to remember:

  • Canada likes your skills and wants you to help!
  • With good plan and hard work, you can get job in Canada.

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