NPC’s Commitment to Birth Registration Adhoc Staff Payments

Fair Payment for Birth Registration Adhoc Staff – UNICEF, NPC, and NYSC acknowledge and compensate temporary staff for their vital role in achieving birth registration goals. Applauding the dedicated staff who secured children’s rights by ensuring proper birth registration in Nigeria

UNICEF, NPC, and NYSC collaborate to 12.7 million births Registration in Nigeria. Discover how Adhoc Staff were compensated for their crucial role, ensuring every child’s rights are protected.

Birth Registration Program Overview

UNICEF, in collaboration with the National Population Commission (NPC) and the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC), is ensuring birth registrations for 12.7 million children in 2023.

Temporary staff have been duly compensated for their vital role in providing birth certificates to Nigeria’s youngest.

With operations spanning 21 states, 456 local areas, and 4,978 neighborhoods, this program’s reach is truly extensive.

The tangible evidence of payments, shared through social media alerts, is a testament to their hard work.

Join us in applauding these individuals for their crucial contributions to this significant endeavor, which safeguards children’s rights and access to assistance.

For those interested in the hiring process or future involvement in essential projects, find out how to apply for NPC Birth Registration Adhoc E-Recruitment.

Witness the unwavering commitment of UNICEF, NPC, and NYSC towards enhancing services and documentation for Nigeria’s children, as exemplified by the seamless payment process.

Partnership to Register 12.7 Million Births

UNICEF, the National Population Commission (NPC), and the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) have joined forces for a crucial mission – registering 12.7 million births in 2023.

The collaboration’s goal is to make sure that every child born in Nigeria gets officially recognized.

Key Role of Adhoc Staff

Temporary staff played a crucial part in reaching our goal.

They worked hard to give birth certificates to children under 5 all across the country. Their dedication made this program a success.

Payment for Birth Registration Adhoc Staff

Ensuring Fair Compensation

Acknowledging the importance of the temporary staff’s contributions, UNICEF, NPC, and NYSC have taken steps to ensure their fair compensation.

They Were Essential in Hitting the Birth Registration Goal.

Confirmation of Payments

The payment process for the birth registration adhoc staff has been confirmed through screenshots of payment alerts shared on social media.

Ensuring Fair Rewards for Hard Work

Celebrating Success and Importance

Recognizing Dedicated Staff Let’s give a big round of applause to the committed staff who played a crucial role in this mission.

Their tireless efforts have greatly contributed to successfully registering births in Nigeria.

Securing Children’s Rights Birth registration goes beyond paperwork; it safeguards children’s rights by officially noting their names and nationalities.

This critical step ensures that children get the care and protection they need.

Opportunities to Get Involved

Joining the Birth Registration Adhoc Team

If you’re interested in becoming part of important projects like the birth registration program, you can explore opportunities to join the NPC Birth Registration Adhoc team.

You Can Help Change Children’s Lives

Commitment to Child Welfare

The partnership between UNICEF, NPC, and NYSC shows their strong dedication to making things better for children in Nigeria.

The successful payment process proves how dedicated the temporary staff were in achieving this important mission.

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