Jobs in Canada for Banking and Construction work 2024 Earn up to ($51,000 and $103,000)

Explore banking and construction job opportunities in Canada for 2023/24 with salaries ranging from $51,000 to $103,000. Learn about high-demand fields, practical experience, work visas, and top Canadian companies hiring now

Exploring Job Opportunities in Canada

In Canada, there is a growing demand for skilled workers in various industries, including banking and construction.

Canada Needs Skilled Workers

Canada is looking for people with skills to work in different jobs. Some jobs are in banks, and others are in building things like houses and roads.

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Good Pay

People who work in Canada can earn good money. They can get paid between $51,000 to $103,000 every year. That’s a lot of money!

Apply for Jobs

People from other countries can apply for jobs in Canada even before they get permission to work there.

What Jobs are Available?

Some jobs in Canada are very special, and they don’t have enough people to do them. These jobs give you good pay and benefits.

Get Work Experience

Working in Canada is a chance to learn and get better at your job. You can work with many different people and get really good at what you do.

Work Visas in Canada

To work in Canada, you need a special permission called a work visa. There are different kinds of work visas for different jobs.

The Job Market Now

In 2023, there are many jobs in Canada. Companies want to hire people from other countries to work for them. People who know about banking and construction have many job options.

If you want to work in Canada, make sure you know how to get a work visa. Canada has good jobs waiting for you!

Construction Jobs in Top Canadian Companies

Several top construction companies in Canada offer job opportunities to individuals with diverse educational backgrounds.

Applicants can explore these opportunities based on their academic qualifications and expertise.

1. PCL Construction

PCL Construction, with an impressive $8.4 billion in sales, stands at the forefront of the construction industry.

Founded by James Martin and Ernest Edward Poole in Saskatchewan in 1906, this company has a rich history.

Operating in Australia, the Caribbean, Canada, and the United States, PCL Construction boasts a workforce of over 4,000 dedicated employees.

This company also offers a wide range of professional career opportunities.

Available Positions

PCL Construction is currently accepting applications for the following roles:

  • Construction Estimator
  • Project Manager
  • Project Coordinator

The annual salaries for positions at PCL Construction, Inc. typically range between C$51,418 and C$103,937.

2. EllisDon Corporation

EllisDon Corporation, an international construction powerhouse, maintains fifteen offices across Canada, with its main office located in Mississauga.

With roots in the building sector dating back to 1951, EllisDon has established itself as one of Canada’s most prosperous construction companies.

In 2019, the company reported an anticipated revenue of $4,411,122,000.

The EllisDon Corporation employs nearly one thousand skilled professionals and offers a variety of exciting career opportunities.

Available Positions

Candidates interested in joining EllisDon Corporation can explore roles such as:

  • Senior Project Manager
  • Construction Manager
  • Safety Manager
  • Proposal Coordinator

These positions present excellent opportunities for career growth and development within the company.

Graham Construction

Graham Construction, one of Canada’s largest construction companies, specializes in industrial markets and infrastructure projects.

Established in Saskatchewan in 1926, it has a rich history.

Notably, Graham Construction’s employees are also its owners.

The company has several subsidiaries, including Moltz Construction Incorporated, Quinn, Graham Capital, and Graco.

With a workforce of approximately 1,500 people, Graham Construction offers a variety of professional career opportunities.

Available Positions

Interested individuals can apply for positions such as:

  • Construction Superintendent
  • Communications Advisor
  • Construction Estimator
  • Project Manager

The compensation range at Graham Construction typically falls between C$66,608 and C$93,329 annually.

Banking Jobs in Canada 2024

Gaining experience in the banking industry offers numerous advantages, and working with one of Canada’s leading financial institutions is an excellent opportunity. Below, you’ll find job postings and information about some of the top Canadian banks.

Royal Bank of Canada (RBC)

Founded in Halifax in 1864, the Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) is the largest bank in Canada in terms of capitalization and net income.

RBC operates over 1,300 branches, employing 86,000 full-time staff, and serves more than 17 million customers worldwide.

The bank offers several job openings, including positions like Administrative Assistant, Business Analyst, Client Representative, Expert Banking Advisor, and Client Associate.

Compensation Range

The average annual compensation at the Royal Bank of Canada is C$63,697. RBC pays its employees, on average, between $40,949 and $99,030 annually.

Toronto-Dominion Bank (TD Bank)

With assets totaling C$1.7 trillion as of January 2021, Toronto-Dominion Bank (TD Bank) is the second-largest bank in Canada.

TD Bank serves more than 25,000 employees, operates over 1,100 facilities, and has more than 9.6 million customers globally.

Founded in 1955 through the merger of the Bank of Toronto and Dominion Bank, TD Bank offers a wide range of job opportunities in the banking sector.

These opportunities provide individuals with the chance to join dynamic and reputable financial institutions in Canada.

Bank of Nova Scotia (Scotiabank)

Established in Halifax in 1832 to support the transatlantic trade industry, the Bank of Nova Scotia, now known as Scotiabank, relocated its headquarters to Toronto in 1900.

As of 2020, Scotiabank boasted C$31 billion in sales and a C$67 billion market value, ranking as Canada’s second-largest bank.

The bank maintains a workforce of 92,000 full-time employees, operates over 900 facilities nationwide, and serves more than 11 million Canadian and 10 million foreign clients.

Scotiabank simplifies trading on the New York and Toronto Stock Exchanges, offering a wide array of job opportunities.

Available Positions at Scotiabank

Scotiabank is currently accepting applications for the following roles:

  1. Operations Officer
  2. Client Representative
  3. Administrative Assistant


At the Bank of Nova Scotia, the average annual salary, including base pay and incentives, is $88,007, which is approximately $42 per hour. The estimated median annual income is $103,158, equating to roughly $49 per hour. Sales representatives at Scotiabank earn an average of $116,344 per year, while bookkeepers make an average of $41,671.

Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC)

The Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC) was formed in 1961 through the merger of the Canadian Bank of Commerce and the Imperial Bank of Canada. In 2020, CIBC generated C$18.7 billion in revenue and had a market capitalization of C$44 billion. The bank employs over 44,000 full-time employees, operates 1,100 locations across Canada, and serves more than 11 million customers worldwide. CIBC also offers various job opportunities.

Available Positions at CIBC:

CIBC is currently accepting applications for positions such as:

  1. Investment Advisor
  2. Client Representative
  3. Administrative Assistant

Compensation Range:

The average annual salary at the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC) is $93,454. The bank typically offers a salary range of $54,789 to $152,898, depending on the specific role and level of expertise.

These banks provide diverse career opportunities within the financial sector, offering roles ranging from entry-level positions to senior management, along with competitive compensation packages for their employees.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the free visa jobs in Canada?

Free visa jobs in Canada allow foreign workers to work in the country without the need for a work visa. These jobs typically include part-time or seasonal employment and may not require highly specialized skills. However, they can be a great way to enter the Canadian workforce.

2. How can I locate employment in Canada that requires no visa?

You can find free visa jobs in Canada through various methods. You can directly contact Canadian companies or use online job portals like Indeed or Monster to search for job openings. Additionally, you can explore available job opportunities on Canadian government websites, such as the Job Bank.

3. What qualifications are needed to work in Canada on a free visa?

Qualifications for free visa jobs in Canada may vary depending on the specific job position. However, most employers will typically require you to have a valid passport and provide documentation of your education and work history. Some employers may also require a medical examination as part of their hiring process.

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