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Get a comprehensive understanding of the BOA loan application process, eligibility requirements, and loan types.

Discover how to maximize your farming business with the Bank of Agriculture (BOA) loan.

Apply for micro credit, GEM, or SME loans today. Contact BOA at Yakubu Gowon Way, Kaduna, Nigeria, or visit the BOA loan portal for more information.

BOA Loans for Nigerian Farmers

In the vast landscape of Nigeria, agriculture plays a pivotal role. It not only feeds the nation but also serves as a source of livelihood for millions.

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For those involved in farming, financial aid is often a pressing concern.

With the aim to bolster the agricultural backbone of the country, the Bank of Agriculture (BOA) offers a solution to these financial concerns.

Understanding the BOA Loan and its Importance to Nigerian Farmers

When you think of farming in Nigeria, images of vast fields, poultry farms, fish ponds, and bustling marketplaces might come to mind.

But behind these images lie the very real challenges of acquiring financial resources. This is where the BOA loan steps in.

The BOA loan is a commendable initiative by the Nigerian government. This loan system is specifically curated to financially empower farmers.

Regardless of the type of agriculture you’re involved in – be it poultry, fisheries, livestock, or crop farming – the BOA has a financial solution tailored for you.

The Bank of Agriculture isn’t a standalone entity.

It operates with the involvement and oversight of influential institutions such as the Central Bank of Nigeria and the Federal Ministry of Finance.

Their collective effort ensures that every farmer, be it an individual or part of a larger association, finds a lending hand in their journey.

A Closer Look at Different BOA Loan Types

To cater to the diverse needs of Nigeria’s farming community, the BOA offers a variety of loan options. Here’s a deeper dive into some of them:

Micro Credit Loans:

Aim: This loan is curated for those farmers who are engaged in a myriad of activities such as fisheries, horticulture, livestock management, and more.

Who Can Get It: Whether you’re an individual farmer or part of a cooperative society, this loan is accessible.

Key Requirements:

  • Having two individuals vouch for you.
  • Making an initial payment of 20%.
  • The amount you ask for should not go beyond N250,000.
  • The period to pay back the loan shouldn’t exceed 2 years.
  • A yearly fee of 12% applies.

Grow and Earn More (GEM) Loans:

Aim: Recognizing the relentless spirit and determination of women farmers in Nigeria, the GEM loans are specifically designed to cater to their financial needs.

Key Requirements:

  • Maintain an account with a nearby BOA branch for at least three months.
  • The amount borrowed should not exceed N1 million.
  • The loan value would be determined by the nature of the agricultural project.
  • Again, having two individuals vouch for you is crucial.
  • An initial 10% payment is essential.
  • A yearly fee of 14% is applicable.

SMEs Loans:

Aim: For those who have grand visions for their agricultural ventures, the SME loans are perfect. They are designed for large-scale agricultural projects.

Key Features: A farmer can borrow up to a whopping 5,000,000 naira under this scheme.

Steps to Kickstart Your Journey with BOA

Before you can access these loans, there’s an essential step you must undertake: opening an account with BOA. This is a straightforward process and can be initiated either for individual purposes or for a business.

How to Open an Account:

  • First, visit the dedicated section for account opening on the BOA website.
  • Depending on your needs, select the type of account you wish to open.
  • Essential documents you’ll need include:
  • A completely filled and signed application form.
  • A letter of intent directed to BOA.
  • An updated mandate.
  • A photocopy of your valid ID.
  • A copy of your recent utility bill.
  • Three recent passport-sized photographs.
  • An initial payment of N3,000.
  • A second signed letter.

Reaching Out to BOA: If you have queries, concerns, or simply wish to communicate with BOA, they are available at No. 1 Yakubu Gowon Way, Kaduna, Nigeria. You can also call them at +234 7040202222.

For any farmer in Nigeria, the journey with agriculture is filled with both opportunities and challenges. Financial constraints should not hinder the spirit of agriculture.

The BOA loan system provides a silver lining for those in need.

By fulfilling the requirements and opting for a suitable loan type, one can significantly enhance their agricultural endeavors.

Moreover, it’s essential to understand that loans are not just about borrowing money; they’re about building a sustainable future for yourself, your family, and your community.

By responsibly utilizing and repaying these loans, you’re paving the way for a brighter and more prosperous agricultural future in Nigeria.

So, if you’re a farmer seeking that much-needed financial push, let BOA be your partner in this journey.

Begin your application today, and you might just be taking the first step towards transforming your farming dream into a grand reality.

For those keen on gaining more insights and information, checking out is a good next step.


What is the BOA loan?

The BOA loan is a government initiative in Nigeria aimed at providing financial aid to farmers.

Who can apply for a BOA loan?

Both individuals and registered associations involved in any form of agriculture can apply for a BOA loan.

What are the different types of BOA loans?

The BOA offers Micro Credit Loans, GEM Loans, and SME Loans. Each has different eligibility criteria and benefits.

How can I open an account with BOA?

You can open an account with BOA by visiting their account opening portal, choosing your preferred account type, and providing the necessary documents.

What are the contact details of BOA?

BOA can be reached at No. 1 Yakubu Gowon Way, P.M.B 2155, Kaduna, Nigeria. The phone number is +234 7040202222.

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