Australia 186 Visa for Direct PR | complete Application Process

Explore the Subclass 186 Direct Entry Stream Visa in Australia and the latest changes in Australian visa regulations. Learn about eligibility criteria, application steps, and the significance of complying with the Biosecurity Act to secure your Australian permanent residency.

Exploring Immigration Possibilities in Australia

Are you curious about how foreign nationals can immigrate to Australia?

Well, Australian employers have a pathway that allows them to propose foreign nationals for permanent immigration through the Permanent Employer Nomination Scheme, specifically the Subclass 186 Visa.

The Direct Entry Stream

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One of the routes under this visa category is the Direct Entry Stream.

It offers a straightforward path to obtaining Australian permanent residency for skilled workers.

What You Need to Know

This article aims to provide you with all the essential information about the 186 Direct Entry Stream.

It covers various aspects, such as eligibility prerequisites and sponsorship criteria, as well as an explanation of the complete application process.

Benefits of the 186 Visa

With the Subclass 186 Visa, you gain the privilege to live, work, study, and support your family in Australia.

Moreover, this visa allows you to stay in Australia indefinitely, and if you meet certain requirements, you can even apply for Australian citizenship.

Eligibility Requirements

To apply for the Subclass 186 Visa through the Direct Entry pathway, you must meet specific eligibility criteria.

One crucial factor is whether your occupation is listed as a skilled profession on the Medium and Long-Term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL).

Work Experience Requirement

To be eligible for this pathway, you must have worked in your chosen field for at least three years.

Skills Evaluation: You need to get a thorough evaluation of your skills from the appropriate authority for your specific occupation.

The evaluation stays good for three years starting from when you get it, and you should make sure it’s still current when you apply.

Age Requirement: Unless you are exempt, you must be under 45 years old.

Registration or License (if applicable): If your profession requires registration, membership in a professional association, or other credentials, you must meet the requirements in the state where the nominated position is located.

You also need to demonstrate proficiency in English, which can be done by scoring at least six on each component of the IELTS test or an equivalent exam.

Subclass 186 Direct Entry Stream Visa: While you are in Australia, you can apply for the Subclass 186 direct entry stream visa if you currently hold one of the following substantive positions.

visa types: Bridge Visa A, B, or C.

Application Process for the 186 Direct Entry Stream Visa:

To initiate the application process for the 186 direct entry stream visa, follow these steps:

Receive Nomination: You must be nominated by a sponsor who meets the necessary conditions.

The person nominating you should use their IME account, and you’ll receive a Transaction Reference Number (TRN) once the nomination is complete.

Receive Your TRN: Your sponsor will send the TRN to you, and you’ll need this reference number when applying for the 186 Visa via the direct entry stream. So, make sure your sponsor provides it to you.

Nomination Acceptance: After your sponsor’s nomination is approved, you can apply for the 186 direct entry stream visa.

It’s important to ensure that the requested salary aligns with the agency’s requirements to avoid any issues with the nomination.

Apply for the Visa 186 Direct Entry Stream Using the IME Account:

Once your nomination is approved, you can start the visa application process.

You’ll need to scan or photograph all required documents and submit them electronically.

You have six months to submit your application following nomination acceptance; otherwise, your visa application may be denied.

Remember that your application isn’t complete until you’ve paid the full visa fee through your IME account.

The processing time for your application is typically 11 months but may be longer if your application isn’t comprehensive.

Include Family Members: Even if your family members are not applying with you, they must be listed on the application.

This outlines the steps and requirements for applying for the Subclass 186 Direct Entry Stream Visa in Australia.

Australia has updated its rules for people holding Australian visas, and it’s important to understand why these changes were made and what they involve. Let’s explore the details in this article.

What’s New: In 2023, there have been some updates regarding Australian visas.

One significant change is that a person’s visa can now be revoked if they violate specific guidelines laid out in the Biosecurity Act of 2015.

This modification includes the introduction of Subsection 186a as a new regulation.

Importance of the Biosecurity

Act: The Biosecurity Act plays a crucial role in safeguarding Australia against harmful diseases and pests that could pose risks to its people, plants, animals, and environment.

By breaking these regulations, individuals could potentially harm Australia’s environment, economy, and public health.

Previous Rule Introduced in 2019: Back in 2019, Australia introduced a rule that allowed them to cancel certain visas if the visa holders violated any part of the Biosecurity Act.

These visas covered various categories, including visitors, students, temporary workers, and more.

This measure was put in place to ensure that everyone in Australia adhered to safety regulations.

In Conclusion: Australia is committed to ensuring that everyone follows these regulations to maintain the safety and health of the nation.

The recent updates reinforce the importance of compliance with the Biosecurity Act and the potential consequences for visa holders who do not adhere to these rules.

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