The Candidate Attorneys Program at the University of Fort Hare

Explore the University of Fort Hare Candidate Attorneys Program, a unique initiative for South African Law Graduates. Apply today and transform your legal career.

Let’s immerse ourselves in the world of law.

Picture this: fresh legal minds being sculpted to protect, advocate, and seek justice.

Now, what if we told you that this vision has been brought to life in South Africa, at the prestigious University of Fort Hare (UFH)? Interested? Let’s dive in.


The University of Fort Hare, nestled in the vibrant city of Alice, Eastern Cape, South Africa, is an equitable and sustainable African institution, committed to fostering academic brilliance through high-quality teaching and research.

From 1916 to 1959, this esteemed university played a crucial role in shaping an African elite by providing Western-style academic education to students across sub-Saharan Africa.

Presenting the Candidate Attorneys Program

In keeping with their commitment to serving students and the wider community, UFH is thrilled to announce its unique Candidate Attorneys Program.

This program is specifically designed for South African Law Graduates, providing them an invaluable opportunity to apply their legal knowledge in practical situations, and more importantly, serve indigent communities around Alice and East London.

Who Can Apply?

Are you a highly motivated LLB graduate with a passion for social justice? Have you completed your Practical Legal Training (PLT) at the School of Legal Practice?

Do you possess good oral and written communication skills in English? If you’re nodding in agreement, then the Candidate Attorneys Program is perfect for you.

Benefits Galore!

Participation in the Candidate Attorneys Program comes with the extraordinary opportunity to consult clients and render legal services to vulnerable communities in and around Alice and East London.

You’ll draft pleadings, attend court proceedings, and tribunals, gaining a breadth of experience that you wouldn’t find elsewhere.

What’s more, you’ll be part of an initiative that truly makes a difference.


As a candidate attorney, you’ll play an instrumental role in serving the indigent communities.

This involves consulting clients, drafting pleadings, and attending matters at court and tribunals.

It’s a chance to give a voice to those who are often unheard and advocate for justice in its truest form.

Application Procedure

To apply, visit the University of Fort Hare’s official website at

The portal for applications is

Applicants must submit a motivation letter, a complete CV, copies of qualifications, and contact details of three work-related referees.

Please note, faxes or walk-ins (hard copies) will not be accepted.

Remember, your applications must reach the Human Resources Department before the closing date.

Late applications will not be considered, and any failure to comply with these directions will result in disqualification.

The Candidate Attorneys Program at the University of Fort Hare provides an exceptional platform for legal graduates to enhance their skills while making a positive impact on society.

Seize this opportunity, apply today, and take the first step towards an enriching legal career.

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What is the Candidate Attorneys Program at UFH?

The Candidate Attorneys Program at UFH is an initiative for South African Law graduates, enabling them to offer legal services to indigent communities around Alice and East London.

Who can apply for the Candidate Attorneys Program?

LLB graduates who have completed their Practical Legal Training (PLT) at the School of Legal Practice and possess good communication skills in English are eligible to apply.

What are the benefits of the Candidate Attorneys Program?

The program offers the opportunity to gain practical experience in the legal field while serving vulnerable communities in Alice and East London.

What are the responsibilities of a candidate attorney?

Candidate attorneys are required to consult clients, draft pleadings, and attend matters at court and tribunals.

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