ASR Africa Spearheads Tech-Infused Mentorship for Northern Nigerian Girls

ASR Africa has launched a mentorship program for female students in northern Nigeria’s tertiary institutions, focusing on STEM fields.

Inspired by the UN Women’s Convention, the initiative aims to promote gender equality, empowerment, and education in the digital age.

We’re living in an era where women are staking their claim in STEM fields, breaking barriers and proving that they too can excel in these traditionally male-dominated areas.

In a monumental leap forward, ASR Africa, under the Abdul Samad Rabiu Africa Initiative, has taken an incredible stride for women in Nigeria.

The Launch of a Ground-breaking Initiative

In a landmark event, ASR Africa launched a cutting-edge mentorship programme designed exclusively for young female students at the Federal College of Education, Technical (FCET), located in Gusau, Zamfara State.

This initiative is a beacon of hope and a beacon of change for the Northern Nigerian society, breaking the chains of cultural bias and opening the gateway to unlimited opportunities in STEM fields.

A United Nations-Inspired Programme

Taking inspiration from the principles discussed at the 2022 UN Women’s Convention on the Status of Women, this programme aims to cultivate gender equality, women empowerment, and knowledge proliferation in the digital age.

It is a testament to ASR Africa’s commitment towards the UN Women’s mission – bridging the digital divide for Nigerian women and girls.

Beyond Infrastructure and Financial Support

The Managing Director/CEO of ASR Africa, Dr. Ubon Udoh, underscored that their commitment to education transcends infrastructure and financial support.

They have now set the stage for direct technical assistance, hoping to turn young ladies into valuable contributors to their communities.

Overcoming Obstacles and Broadening Horizons

The ASR Africa mentorship programme aspires to tackle the numerous challenges young women in STEM fields face.

This includes the scarcity of female role models, limited opportunities for mentorship and sponsorship, and deeply embedded societal biases.

By encouraging more female students to opt for careers in STEM fields, the programme seeks to enhance their academic performance and future career prospects.

A Global Response

The initiative launch drew attention from women’s organizations worldwide.

Participants from the United Nations and across Africa actively engaged students through enlightening presentations and a robust Q&A session.

ASR Africa’s Pioneering Role

Founded in 2021 by African industrialist, philanthropist, and Chairman of BUA Group, Abdul Samad Rabiu, ASR Africa is committed to creating sustainable, impact-oriented solutions to urgent developmental issues in health, education, and social development across Africa, with its annual USD100 million Africa Fund for Sustainable Development and Renewal.

In an age of innovation and technological evolution, initiatives like ASR Africa’s mentorship programme pave the way for a brighter future for young women in Nigeria.

By fostering digital literacy and promoting gender equality, they’re equipping these young minds with the tools to forge a brighter future.

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What is ASR Africa’s mentorship programme?

ASR Africa’s mentorship programme is a program aimed at providing guidance, support, and mentorship to young individuals, particularly women, in various fields, including STEM.

Who is the founder of ASR Africa and what is his vision?

The founder of ASR Africa is Abdul Samad Rabiu, and his vision is to empower and uplift the youth of Africa, especially in education, healthcare, and social development.

How does the ASR Africa mentorship programme address challenges faced by women in STEM fields?

The ASR Africa mentorship programme addresses challenges faced by women in STEM fields by providing tailored support, mentoring relationships, educational resources, and networking opportunities.

What is the significance of the 2022 UN Women’s Convention on the Status of Women in shaping this initiative?

The 2022 UN Women’s Convention on the Status of Women is significant in shaping this initiative as it provides a global framework for gender equality and women’s empowerment, aligning with the program’s goals.

What is the potential impact of this mentorship programme on the educational landscape in Nigeria?

The mentorship programme’s potential impact on the educational landscape in Nigeria is the development of a new generation of skilled professionals, increased diversity, innovation, economic growth, and social progress.

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