Applying for Study and Work Opportunities in Germany

Discover high-paying student job opportunities in Germany and learn about the diverse options for international students. Find out if you need a work permit and how proficiency in German can boost your job prospects.

Explore Work and Study Opportunities in Germany

Considering Studying and Working in Germany?

Germany offers numerous well-paying job opportunities for students, allowing you to earn money while pursuing your education. Roles like academic assistant or private tutor are among the options.

Job Possibilities Depend on Rules and Study Level:

The types of jobs available depend on government regulations and your academic level, whether you’re an undergraduate or a graduate student.

Knowing German Helps:

Having knowledge of the German language can make it easier to find student jobs in Germany.

Germany’s Economic Power:

Germany boasts the fourth-largest economy globally and is the largest in Europe. The job market is robust, with a low average jobless rate of 5.7% as of March 2022. Some cities, such as Munich and Berlin, have even lower rates.

Abundance of Opportunities:

With the thriving economy, international students in Germany can explore various job opportunities to gain professional experience and earn income.

Embark on Your German Journey:

Consider the exciting prospect of combining study and work in Germany, a country that not only offers a world-class education but also abundant opportunities to build your professional skills and financial independence.

Student Work Opportunities in Germany: A Guide

If you’re a student in Germany, exploring work opportunities can be an enriching part of your experience. Here are some key options available for students:

Part-Time Jobs

Ideal for balancing work with studies, part-time jobs offer flexibility and the chance to earn while you learn.

Seasonal Jobs

During summer and winter breaks, many students opt for temporary jobs. These are great for earning extra income without interfering with your academic schedule.

Internships (Praktika)

Internships provide practical experience in your field of study. They can be paid or unpaid and are excellent for gaining industry insights.


Volunteering is a great way to contribute to the community while gaining valuable experience and skills.


These offer hands-on experience in a particular field, bridging the gap between academic knowledge and practical application.

Exciting Visa Sponsorship Job Opportunities in New Zealand

Discover Your Next Career Move:

New Zealand is bursting with fantastic job opportunities across various fields in 2024, and the thrilling part is that many of these jobs come with visa sponsorship!

What Visa Sponsorship Means:

Your future employer will take care of all the paperwork and even cover your flight to New Zealand. Now, let’s explore some intriguing job openings:

1. Early Childhood/Primary Reliever:

  • Location: South Auckland
  • Job Type: Temporary
  • Role: Skilled teacher working with young kids
  • Hourly Earnings: Up to $32.40, plus an extra 8% for holidays

Why This Job is Exciting:

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job in New Zealand with visa sponsorship


Average Pay: €5-10/hr

If you enjoy being around kids and have some experience with them, babysitting could be a great job for you.

It pays well, and over time, you can discuss and adjust your pay rates.


Average Pay: $28/hr

If you’re really good at English or another language, you can find a job as a tutor at a school or even with local companies.

It’s a good way for international students to make money. For instance, teaching English to German students can pay well.

You can also offer private lessons, which usually pay nicely. Just remember, you need to be skilled in the language you’re teaching to get these jobs.


Average Pay: €27,000/yr

One of the top-paying jobs for students in Germany is working as a shopping assistant in a retail store. This job includes helping customers find what they need and giving them information.

You’ll need to be good at talking to people. The retail stores in Germany often need more workers, and they offer flexible hours and discounts as nice benefits.


Average Pay: €11.93/hr

Your main job will be answering the phone, providing information to clients or company partners, and doing other office tasks.

Top of Form


Average Pay: NA

Whether it’s serving food at company events or working as a waiter/waitress at a local restaurant, the food and drink industry offers many job opportunities for students, so you should consider exploring it as well.


Average Pay: €11.75/hr

These jobs pay well and are a great choice for students who want some experience and a job that relates to their studies after they graduate.

In Germany, you get a 1-year work permit after you finish your studies, so finding these jobs can be a step towards starting your career in Germany.

You can look for these jobs in local newspapers.


Average Pay: €1,663/monthly

You’ll probably agree that this is one of the well-paying jobs for students in Germany.

Your main tasks involve answering the phone, understanding customer questions or complaints, and handling them.

It’s important to be patient, diplomatic, and good at dealing with people. Knowing German is a must, and often, you can set your own work hours.


Average Pay: €26.478/yr

Sometimes, companies or organizations need people to collect information.

These collectors ask customers for their opinions about products or services, and this information is used to conduct surveys.


Average Pay: €15/hr

This means you’ll work for an online store or a restaurant and bring products to people’s homes.

The job pays well, and you might also get additional tips.

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1. Can I work part-time while studying in Germany?

Yes, international students in Germany can work part-time to support themselves during their studies.

2. Do I need a student work permit if I’m from an EU/EEA country?

No, students from EU/EEA countries do not require a special work permit to work in Germany. However, there are limitations on the number of hours you can work.

3. Are there high-paying jobs available for students in Germany?

Yes, Germany offers a range of high-paying job opportunities for students, including research assistant positions, language tutoring, and retail store assistants.

4. How important is knowing the German language for finding student jobs in Germany?

Knowing German can significantly enhance your chances of finding employment in Germany, as many job roles require proficiency in the language.

5. Can international students in Germany find internships related to their field of study?

Yes, Germany offers a variety of internships (praktika) that allow international students to gain practical experience in their chosen fields.

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