Apply for the NPC Birth Registration Adhoc E-Recruitment 2023

Make an impact on millions by joining the NPC Birth Registration E-Recruitment 2023.

Whether as a NYSC member or an Adhoc, your contribution matters.

Ever wish you could make a tangible impact on the lives of millions? We have exciting news!

The NPC, UNICEF, and NYSC are launching an e-recruitment drive for Adhoc workers to facilitate digital birth registration.

The Calling: Empower the Future of Nigeria

This initiative aims to register 12.7 million births in 2023 and issue birth certificates for every child in Nigeria under the age of 5.

Imagine the scale of this initiative! Spanning 21 states, 456 local government areas (LGAs), and 4,978 wards, this project stands as a beacon of hope for Nigeria’s future.

Join the Ranks: NYSC and Adhoc Positions

Do you see yourself as a part of this monumental endeavour? Whether you’re a youth corps member or interested in an Adhoc position, this opportunity is open to you.

Take the first step today and become a vital part of Nigeria’s tomorrow.

How to Apply: A Simple, Streamlined Process

Ready to join the ranks? Applying is as easy as a click. Visit this link and choose either ‘Start as NYSC’ or ‘Start as Adhoc’, depending on your current status.

What’s Next: Anticipating Your Journey
After application, what comes next? Stay tuned for updates as we guide you and share essential information throughout the process.

You’re not just applying for a position; you’re embarking on a transformative journey.

Break it Down: How Does it Work?
Curious about the process? Here’s a quick rundown:

  • Visit the website:
  • Choose your preferred option: Start as NYSC or Start as Adhoc.
  • Complete your application.
  • Stay tuned for updates.

An Initiative that Changes Lives: The Bigger Picture
This project is about securing the identities and futures of millions of Nigerian children, not just numbers.

By providing names and nationalities for every child, we’re laying a strong foundation for their future, rights, and societal integration.

Time is Ticking: Don’t Miss Out
In the grand scheme, we each play a small but crucial role.

Don’t miss this opportunity.
Apply now and be part of something bigger.

Remember, we’re shaping the future, one birth registration at a time.

This e-recruitment initiative is a golden opportunity for corps members and others interested in Adhoc positions to contribute to a critical nationwide project.

By joining this initiative, you shape a brighter, secure future for Nigeria’s youngest citizens.

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Q1: Why is this e-recruitment initiative being conducted?

This initiative aims to register 12.7 million births in Nigeria in 2023, securing identities and nationalities for every child under the age of 5.

Q2: How can I apply for the NPC Birth Registration Adhoc E-Recruitment?

You can apply by visiting the website and choosing either ‘Start as NYSC’ or ‘Start as Adhoc’ based on your status.

Q3: Who can apply for this initiative?

Both youth corps members and individuals interested in Adhoc positions can apply.

Q4: What is the scale of this initiative?

The project spans across 21 states, 456 local government areas (LGAs), and 4,978 wards in Nigeria.

Q5: Why is this initiative important?

This project is crucial for securing the future of Nigeria’s children, providing them with a legal identity, and affirming their place in society.

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