Apply for the Channels Media Group ‘Fund It Forward’ Grant through this link.

Dive deep into Channels Media Group’s ‘Fund It Forward’ – an initiative that’s shaping the next-gen social entrepreneurs in Nigeria. Join the change.

In the age of technological marvels and global markets, there emerges an astonishing initiative destined to revolutionize the entrepreneurial scene in Nigeria.

Channels Media Group beckons the wave of innovation with its laudable ‘Fund It Forward’ competition.

But what is this buzz all about?

The Dawn of ‘Fund It Forward’

Imagine a platform where creativity converges with purpose, where young Nigerian entrepreneurs can flaunt their ingenious solutions not just for profits, but for people.

That’s the essence of ‘Fund It Forward’.

It isn’t just another reality show – it’s the herald of change, championing social entrepreneurship.

Bridging the Profit-People Divide

Isn’t it perplexing how society often paints business and altruism as polar opposites?

‘Fund It Forward’ seeks to defy this narrative, probing an essential question: can one mold a business model that’s both profit-centric and impact-driven, especially in the dynamic terrains of Nigeria?

A Tough Road Ahead for Contestants

Every week, 12 handpicked entrepreneurial spirits will battle it out, aligning their business prowess with their mission-driven goals.

Think of it like scaling a mountain – each challenge is a rugged path, each success, a higher altitude.

Real-World Challenges Await

The beauty of these challenges? They mirror the actual hurdles one might face in the entrepreneurial realm.

It’s akin to simulating a virtual battleground before the real war, preparing contenders for the future.

The Crucible of Judgement

Eight demanding elimination rounds, and a panel of discerning judges.

Can our contestants persuade these maestros that they possess the intellect, empathy, and market savviness to soar?

Judges: The Torchbearers of Social Entrepreneurship

Our judges aren’t mere evaluators; they’re mentors.

These stalwarts, with their profound expertise spanning startups, finance, and community advocacy, envision nurturing the next-gen entrepreneurs.

Who Gets to Ride This Wave?

Energetic, young Nigerians aged between 20 to 35, nurturing their early-stage social entrepreneurial dreams.

It’s not just about the age, but the fire within to make a change.

The Ultimate Prize

Beyond substantial grant funds lies a treasure trove: mentoring from globally acknowledged socialpreneurs.

Because, isn’t wisdom the most invaluable asset?

Want to Embark on This Journey?

The path is just a click away. Dive in, and let your dreams set sail with the Link To Apply For Channels Media Group ‘Fund It Forward’ Grant.

In the grand tapestry of entrepreneurial avenues, ‘Fund It Forward’ shines brightly, promising not just financial aid but invaluable mentorship.

Isn’t it time we redefined entrepreneurship, merging passion with purpose?

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What is the primary goal of ‘Fund It Forward’?

It aims to foster and spotlight social entrepreneurs in Nigeria.

How many contestants will be featured in the show?

12 budding social entrepreneurs will participate.

How many elimination rounds are there?

There are eight rigorous elimination rounds.

Who can apply for ‘Fund It Forward’?

Young Nigerians, aged between 20 to 35, with early-stage social entrepreneurial ventures.

What do the winners receive?

Apart from significant grant funds, winners receive mentorship from acclaimed socialpreneurs.

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