Apply for the Flourish Africa Grant for Africans in 2024

Apply for the Flourish Africa Grant: Helping Women Entrepreneurs in Nigeria. Learn about the Flourish Africa Grant for Female Entrepreneurs, which supports African in business for five years.

Flourish Africa Grant for Female Entrepreneurs

Flourish Africa is excited to share news about the Flourish Africa Grant for Female Entrepreneurs.

This grant is designed to support businesses owned by African women. It will run for five years, offering training, coaching, mentoring, and financial assistance.

What is the Flourish Africa Grant for Female Entrepreneurs?

This grant aims to boost the success of female entrepreneurs in Africa. Over the course of five years, it will provide cash and structured training to at least 2,500 female business owners.

How Does the Grant Work?

  1. Financial Support: The grant will offer financial assistance to female entrepreneurs. This financial support will help them grow and expand their businesses.
  2. Structured Training: Participants will receive organized and valuable training. This training will equip them with essential skills and knowledge to excel in their businesses.

Why the Grant Matters

The Flourish Africa Grant for Female Entrepreneurs is important because it helps African women who have their own businesses.

How It Helps

When we give them money for their businesses and teach them new things, we make it easier for them to succeed.

Why It’s Good

When female entrepreneurs do well, it makes our countries stronger, our communities better, and all of Africa more prosperous.

Join Us!

Flourish Africa wants female entrepreneurs in Africa to be part of this. Let’s work together to make a big difference and help women’s businesses grow.

Coming Soon

We’ll share more about how to apply for the Flourish Africa Grant for Female Entrepreneurs. Together, we can make African businesswomen’s futures brighter.

Flourish Africa Grant for Female Entrepreneurs | Important Information

Annual Education and Grant Opportunity

Through the Flourish Africa Grant program, a minimum of 500 female entrepreneurs will receive education each year.

From this pool, the top 100 achievers will be eligible to receive grants of up to N2 million each, supported by a N200 million annual fund.

Empowering Female Entrepreneurs

The Flourish Africa Grant’s training curriculum has been carefully crafted to educate and equip female entrepreneurs for their business journey, providing them with the tools to succeed.

Additionally, female entrepreneurs are offered a supportive platform for practical skill development, mentoring, and access to valuable market opportunities.

This initiative aims to empower and enable women entrepreneurs in Africa to thrive.

Eligibility Criteria for the Flourish Africa Grant 2024

To be eligible for the Flourish Africa Grant 2024, applicants must meet the following requirements:

  1. Age: Applicants must be between the ages of 18 years and 50 years.
  2. Gender: Applicants must be female. If the business is co-owned with a man, the female applicant must have a minimum ownership stake of 51% in the business.
  3. Technology Access: Applicants should have access to internet-enabled devices for training purposes and must be committed to participating in virtual training sessions for a duration of 3 months.
  4. Business Stage: The grant is available for businesses in the startup phase.
  5. Location: Your business must be situated in either Lagos or Abuja to be eligible for consideration for the Flourish Africa Grant.

Meeting these criteria is essential to be considered for this valuable grant opportunity.

Application Procedures

How to Apply:

Female applicants interested in the Flourish Africa Grant should complete an  online application by the specified application deadline.

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