Exploring AMARI Scholarships for Doctoral Study in African Mental Health Research

Discover AMARI Scholarships for Doctoral Study in African Mental Health Research.

AMARI-II, funded by SFA, DELTAS Africa, Wellcome Trust, and FCDO, aims to build leadership and excellence in mental health research.

This 4-year full-time PhD fellowship offers R300,000 per year with generous research funding.

Welcome to an exciting exploration of AMARI Scholarships for Doctoral Study in African Mental Health Research.

With a rich history and mission that spans continents, we are thrilled to unravel this innovative initiative and the life-changing scholarships it provides.


Founded in 2015, the AMARI is a thriving capacity-building program for mental health research.

As a beacon of hope in the public mental health sector, it’s paving the way towards a mentally healthier Africa.

With the successful execution of AMARI-I from 2015 to 2022, AMARI-II was set in motion.

This initiative has been made possible by the Science for Africa Foundation’s (SFA) DELTAS Africa initiative, along with support from the Wellcome Trust and the United Kingdom’s FCDO.

The AMARI Scholarships for Doctoral Study in Public Mental Health

It’s one thing to describe the AMARI scholarships, and it’s another to genuinely understand their significance.

These scholarships play a pivotal role in producing leaders in mental, neurological, and substance use (MNS) research within Africa.

A consortium of six esteemed African universities join hands in AMARI-II, all united by a common objective: to foster excellence in leadership, training, and science amongst African scholars.

With the shared goal of reducing the treatment gap for mental health conditions in Africa, this initiative marks a pivotal step towards shifting the center of gravity in global mental health (GMH).

The Benefits

Pursuing a PhD is a significant investment, both financially and in terms of time.

The AMARI Scholarships provide a substantial relief in this journey, offering a generous annual stipend of R300,000 – tax-free.

In addition, substantial research running costs are provided to facilitate the proposed research.

Although the tenure of the scholarships lasts for four years, continued registration is subject to evidence of satisfactory academic progress.

Courses Under the AMARI Scholarships for Doctoral Study

The primary focus of the AMARI Scholarships is Public Mental Health.

Qualification Requirements

Candidates must possess a relevant Master’s degree in disciplines like psychology, public health, medicine, nursing, or social work to be eligible.

Interpersonal prowess and the ability to collaboratively work within a multi-disciplinary team are also crucial skills required for potential candidates.

The Application Process

Ready to apply? Head to the official AMARI website at https://amari-africa.org.

Applicants should complete the application form and direct queries or concerns to Associate Professor Claire van der Westhuizen at claire.

vanderwesthuizen@uct.ac.za or Ms. Songelwa Mobo.

Songelwa Mobo at songelwa.mobo@uct.ac.za.

Don’t miss the fantastic opportunity! Application deadline: August 31, 2023.

In summary, the AMARI Scholarships for Doctoral Study provide an incredible opportunity for those aspiring to make a meaningful impact in the field of public mental health.

These scholarships open the door to a fulfilling and promising journey towards excellence in mental health research and leadership. So why wait?

Apply now and be a part of this transformative initiative!

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What is the AMARI?

AMARI is a capacity-building program that strengthens mental health research in Africa.

Who funds the AMARI Scholarships?

The scholarships are funded by the Science for Africa Foundation’s (SFA) DELTAS Africa initiative, the Wellcome Trust, and the UK’s FCDO.

What are the benefits of the AMARI Scholarships for Doctoral Study?

The scholarships provide an annual tax-free stipend of R300,000, along with generous research running costs.

What qualifications do I need to apply for the AMARI Scholarships?

Applicants must hold a relevant Master’s degree in a field related to public mental health and possess strong interpersonal skills.

When is the deadline for the AMARI Scholarships application?

The deadline for applications is 31st August 2023.

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