Groundbreaking Africa PR and Communications Report Unveiled by BHM

BHM releases Africa’s first-ever Africa PR and Communications report, providing verified data, facts, and statistics on the continent’s PR industry.

A Pioneering Initiative in Africa’s PR and Communications Industry

BHM Research & Intelligence (BR&I), a reputable research division of Black House Media (BHM), has launched an unprecedented and much-anticipated first edition of the Africa PR and Communications Report.

This maiden issue, which makes use of verified data and statistics, brings an extensive insight into the vast landscape of Africa’s Public Relations industry.

The Status Quo of the PR Industry in Africa

The comprehensive report unearths the current state of the PR industry on the continent, shedding light on the challenges and opportunities that exist for PR practitioners and stakeholders.

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The Africa PR and Communications Report (APCR) is a testament to the essence of grasping emerging trends, comprehending the unique needs of practitioners, and formulating the necessary strategies to enhance PR practice across Africa.

Harnessing PR Potential in Africa: A Word from the Initiators

Ayeni Adekunle, the founder of BHM and Chair of the APCR Committee, expressed his excitement about this new avenue for promoting PR and communication practices within Africa.

“This couldn’t have been more timely, with intriguing events unfolding across various sectors.

PR professionals now have an opportunity to champion the continent’s progress and understand our crucial role in propelling Africa forward,” he said.

He further emphasized the need for valid data and information in making a substantial impact, noting, “We are thrilled about the new insights presented by the APCR and how they will reshape PR and communication practices in Africa for the benefit of the continent and its diverse population.”

Mapping Out Africa’s PR and Communication Landscape

The inception of APCR stems from the desire to expand the annual Nigeria PR Report’s scope.

The report captures the diversity of cultures, professional practices, capacities, and growth opportunities for the PR and communication industry in Africa.

This inclusive approach was made possible by harnessing data, insights, and perspectives from over 500 leading practitioners and experts across 29 countries in North, Southern, East, Central, and West Africa.

The Integral Role of PR Professionals in Africa’s Growth

As Africa continues to enjoy economic growth and social development, PR professionals play a pivotal role in propelling global recognition of its prospects and driving investments.

Moliehi Molekoa, an adviser on the APCR Committee and the Managing Director of Magna Carta, highlighted this sentiment.

The APCR enhances industry expertise and practice while bolstering our continental reputation and positioning us as influential leaders.

ushering prosperity for the African people,” she noted.

Key Indicators and Future Actions for PR Practitioners

Among numerous key indicators, the APCR offers statistics that PR and communication practitioners can leverage to strategize future actions.

For instance, 17.3% of respondents predict that Artificial Intelligence (AI) will be predominant in the practice of PR in the next 5 to 10 years.

On the other hand, economic instability and lack of funding are two major concerns for businesses or clients in Africa, with 21% and 17% respectively acknowledging these issues.

An Industry-wide Collaboration for APCR

The APCR is a collective effort, compiled in partnership with leading institutions and companies in the field, such as the Public Relations and Communications Association (PRCA), Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR UK), ICCO, Africa Communications Week (ACW), Wadds Incorporated, ID Africa, Plaqad.

EN Inc., and P+ Measurement Services.

This collaborative project reflects the need for unity and cooperation in understanding and developing the PR and communications industry in Africa.

Forging Ahead: The Future of PR in Africa

With the release of the Africa PR and Communications Report, a new chapter begins in the PR industry on the continent.

This initiative is set to catalyze the growth of a well-informed, adaptive, and thriving PR community that can confidently navigate the dynamic communications landscape in Africa.

“The APCR’s launch is a major milestone for Africa’s PR and communications industry.

It not only provides crucial insights but also underlines the potential and commitment of our industry to contribute to the socio-economic development of Africa,” said Francis Ingham, Director General of PRCA and Chief Executive of ICCO.

Towards a United PR and Communications Industry

The Africa PR and Communications Report encapsulates the current PR and communication landscape in Africa, detailing its complexities and potentials.

The insights derived from this report will, undoubtedly, empower professionals in the industry to understand, plan, and execute effective strategies tailored to the African context.

Adekunle emphasizes, “Our aim is to empower the African PR and communications industry to achieve its maximum potential.”

We believe in the immense power of collaboration, data-driven insights, and the untapped potential of our continent. The APCR is a significant step towards realizing this vision.”

The Africa PR and Communications Report promises to be an annual staple, providing fresh insights and data-driven analysis that will continue to shape and drive the PR industry in Africa for years to come.

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