Africa Fellowship for Young Energy Leaders: Pioneering Africa’s Sustainable Future

Dive into Africa Fellowship for Young Energy Leaders’s initiative, sculpting the renewable energy landscape in Africa. Discover how we’re shaping the future, one leader at a time.

Envision a continent brimming with potential to lead in sustainable energy but hindered by a sizeable population lacking clean energy access.

Enter the Africa Fellowship for Young Energy Leaders (AFYEL) – a bold initiative to tackle this issue head-on.

AFYEL strives to mold the renewable energy landscape of Africa, fostering a brighter, greener future.

The Challenge at Hand

In Africa, an alarming 600 million people are without access to clean energy.

It’s not just a statistic; it represents millions without the essential energy needed for progress – potential entrepreneurs, thinkers, and leaders left in the dark.

How then can Africa’s boundless potential be unlocked?

Enter AFYEL.

Why AFYEL Matters

AFYEL isn’t just another program. Our goal: nurture a skilled renewable energy workforce and ignite entrepreneurial spirit.
Our aim: not only to provide power, but also to keep young African talent engaged in the renewable energy sector – a crucial field to unlock Africa’s sustainable future.

Comprehensive Training Modules

Beneficiaries of the fellowship have access to knowledge from international experts.

They begin a journey, progressing from small to utility-scale renewable energy technologies. And that’s not all!

Specialized Tracks:
: Delve deep into the magic of converting organic matter into energy.
Hydropower: Harness the power of water to light up homes.
Solar PV: Capture the sun’s power for a brighter future.
Onshore Wind: Let the African winds drive progress forward.

For those seeking broader horizons, specialized modules cover Electric Vehicle Engineering and Africa’s Energy Transition.

At AFYEL, we ensure our fellows have a holistic understanding, covering Engineering, Economics, and Financing.

Unveiling the AFYEL Story

Founded by The Renewable Energy Technology Training Institute in collaboration with RETTI Virtual University, government bodies, renowned academic institutions, and private sector giants, AFYEL’s mission is clear.

Our focus: empowering young African graduates, especially in electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, solar energy, and software engineering.

The Unmatched Benefits of the Africa Fellowship

Embarking on the AFYEL journey offers a plethora of opportunities:

World-class Training: Gain insights from globally acclaimed experts.
Diverse Exposure: Step outside your daily grind and immerse yourself in diverse industries.
Real-world Experience: Benefit from a one-month internship.
Solve Real Problems: Design solutions for local energy issues.
Network and Collaborate: Engage with industry giants and budding leaders.
Elevate Your Work: With newfound skills and connections, take your work to new heights.
Endless Opportunities: From networking in the energy transition market to project partnerships, AFYEL offers it all.
Alumni Network: Join hands with the global alumni network and tackle challenges together.

Qualifying for the Fellowship

Think AFYEL is for you? Ensure you meet the following criteria:

Age between 21 and 35 by the application deadline.
Hold a degree in specified fields (from Physics to Solar Energy).
Proficiency in English.
Citizenship of eligible African countries (from Angola to Zimbabwe).

Selection Criteria: Making the Cut

AFYEL looks for:

  • Leadership skills and achievements in target industries.
  • Commitment to clean energy through public service, volunteerism, or mentorship.
  • Team spirit, respect for diverse opinions, and exceptional social and communication skills.
  • A zeal for renewable energy, economics, finance, or engineering.

At AFYEL, we’re not just building a workforce; we’re crafting the future of sustainable energy in Africa. Do you have the drive, passion, and commitment to be a part of this change?

Why wait when the future of renewable energy in Africa beckons?



What is the main objective of AFYEL?

AFYEL aims to develop a competent renewable energy workforce and entrepreneurs, focusing on advancing access to clean energy in Africa.

How long is the professional training program?

The training spans 6 months, covering various aspects of renewable energy.

Who can apply for the fellowship?

Young Africans between 21 and 35 years, proficient in English, with specific academic qualifications, and from eligible countries.

How are the candidates for the fellowship selected?

Applicants assessed for leadership, clean energy commitment, teamwork, communication, and renewable energy expertise.

Are there opportunities after the fellowship ends?

Yes, fellows can network, collaborate on projects, and even get employment opportunities through program partners

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