Access Issues with NASIMS Portal: Exploring Solutions and Causes

Learn about the NASIMS portal’s accessibility issues, the implications for NPower beneficiaries, and what to do amidst these challenges.

What’s New Today with NPower: Unraveling the NASIMS Portal Accessibility Issue

We’ve observed numerous comments concerning NPower beneficiaries unable to reach the NASIMS Portal.

We have therefore deemed it necessary to shine a light on this situation and suggest what your next steps should be.

Understanding the NASIMS Portal Accessibility Problem

Here at GoldenNewsNg, we understand that the NASIMS portal is presently unreachable due to some technical hiccups.

The NASIMS management is cognizant of this.

What’s Holding Back the NASIMS Management?

Currently, NASIMS management hasn’t made a move due to the low level of activities required on the portal.

Before the Blackout: Beneficiaries’ Validation and Stipends Disbursement

Before the portal became inaccessible, NASIMS urged all beneficiaries to verify their details on the platform to facilitate the speedy disbursement of overdue stipends.

A majority of the beneficiaries have complied and payments have been made to almost all that validated their accounts.

The Uncertainty of NPower’s Continuity: A Factor?

Another plausible reason for NASIMS Management’s inaction could be pending approval from the current administration on the continuity of the NPower Program.

Regarding NPower Payment

As we’ve mentioned earlier, NPower/NASIMS management has dispersed outstanding payments for October, November, and December 2022 to those who validated their accounts on the NASIMS Portal.

More payments will be executed once President Tinubu approves funds and the NPower Program’s continuation.

But Not Everyone Got Paid…

Despite this, some NPower Beneficiaries assert that they validated their accounts on the NASIMS Portal but haven’t received their Backlog stipend payment yet.

Where’s the Money? Allegations and Uncertainties

Some NPower Beneficiaries suggest that the Federal Government allocated sufficient funds to clear backlog stipends for all beneficiaries for October, November, December, and even January and February.

However, as usual, the money might have been redirected elsewhere.

In these uncertain times, we understand your need for answers and assistance.

While we wait for the restoration of the NASIMS portal and the resolution of outstanding payment issues, we urge everyone to remain patient and vigilant.

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Why is the NASIMS portal not accessible?

The portal is currently inaccessible due to technical issues that the NASIMS management is aware of.

What can I do if I haven’t received my stipend yet?

Ensure that you have validated your account on the NASIMS portal. If you have and are yet to receive payment, we advise patience as the issue is being resolved.

Will the NPower Program continue?

The continuation of the NPower Program is pending approval from the current administration.

Is the NASIMS management aware of these issues?

Yes, they are aware of the technical issues and the concerns raised by beneficiaries.

What happens if the NPower Program does not continue?

While we hope for the best, such a scenario would depend on the decision from the government. It’s best to keep abreast of the news for the latest updates.

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