Ramping Up Census Prep: A Peek into the NPC’s Training Schedule

A deep dive into the NPC’s training initiatives for the Census 2023, offering insights into the efforts being made to gather critical data for Nigeria’s socio-economic planning.

In response to the upcoming 2023 Census, the National Population Commission (NPC) is moving into high gear with robust training schedules for a diverse set of employees.

The NPC Commences Preparatory Training Sessions

Recently, an NPC representative named Eze unveiled that extensive training initiatives are already underway for select staff, taking into account the postponement of the census.

The sessions are meticulously designed, covering a gamut of personnel from Data Quality Managers and Training Center Managers to Monitoring and Evaluation Officers and regional facilitators.

More Training On The Horizon

In the pipeline are the Supervisors and Enumerators, who are next in line to get trained.

The NPC will leverage online tools to maintain an open line of communication with its personnel, nurturing their progress with a system of mentorship and remote training.

Advanced Tools for Census 2023

To gear up for Census 2023, the NPC has invested in an array of Personal Digital Assistants.

An impressive count of 500,000 such devices have been dispatched and installed in all 36 state offices, including the Federal Capital Territory (FCT).

What’s more? The NPC has fortified security measures to protect this substantial technological investment.

Spreading The Word: Media Campaigns and Advocacy

The NPC is leaving no stone unturned in promoting the 2023 National Population and Housing Census.

From launching media campaigns to driving advocacy efforts, the NPC has been proactive on multiple fronts.

Publicity Committees have been set up across the nation to work in sync with various stakeholders, ensuring census awareness permeates every level of governance.

The Legal and Global Importance of Census Data

As Eze points out, the criticality of census data is underscored in Section 213 of Nigeria’s 1999 Constitution (amended version).

This legal mandate, along with the United Nations’ advisory of conducting a population and housing census every ten years, highlights the urgency of the upcoming census.

The 17-Year Gap: A Challenge and an Opportunity

The last census took place in 2006, a staggering 17 years ago.

Eze expressed concerns over the repeated impediments faced by previous census attempts.

However, the NPC views the National Population and Housing Census of 2023 as a golden opportunity to update this long-outdated data, enabling better socio-economic planning for Nigeria.

NPC’s Resolute Commitment to Census 2023

Despite past challenges, the NPC is undeterred in its mission to carry out a thorough and precise census in 2023.

This endeavor holds the key to informed decision-making and strategic planning, thus shaping a promising future for Nigeria.

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What training initiatives have the NPC begun for the 2023 Census?

The NPC has started comprehensive training programs for various personnel, including Data Quality Managers, Training Center Managers, Monitoring and Evaluation Officers, and regional facilitators.

How is the NPC ensuring effective communication with its staff during the training?

The NPC maintains contact through online mentoring and training programs to support its staff.

What measures have the NPC taken to promote the 2023 National Population and Housing Census?

The NPC has initiated vigorous media campaigns, set up Census Publicity Committees, and is disseminating information in English and regional languages.

Why is the upcoming census crucial?

The census data is critical for informed decision-making and strategic planning, enabling better socio-economic development for Nigeria.

When was the last census conducted in Nigeria?

The last census in Nigeria was conducted in 2006, marking a gap of 17 years.

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