86RRI Nigerian Army Recruitment 2023

Dive into the complete guide on the 86RRI Nigerian Army Recruitment 2023. Key dates, eligibility criteria, and benefits. Apply now and serve your nation

86RRI Nigerian Army Recruitment

Introduction to the 86RRI Nigerian Army Recruitment

Hey there! Did you hear the big news? We’re beyond thrilled to let you know about the 86RRI Nigerian Army Recruitment for our Non-Tradesmen & Women.

Think you’ve got what it takes to wear the uniform?

Dreamt of dedicating yourself to a greater cause and enjoying the perks that come with it? Your dream might just be around the corner!

Dive into the Online Application Process

From 25th September to a crisp 10th October 2023 window, the digital doors to your future swing wide open. Wondering about the steps to leap in?

Here’s your roadmap:

  • Head over to the official recruitment portal at https://recruitment.army.mil.ng.
  • Punch in your username and password to get inside.
  • Navigate and fill the online application form. It’s as easy as pie!
  • Once done, don’t just close it. Print and treasure a copy.
  • And hey, don’t overlook the Guarantor Form. Print and get it filled.
  • Always have the signed forms with you when visiting your state’s recruitment hub.

Are You The Right Fit? Basic Qualifications

Before you dive deep, let’s play a quick game of check and match:

  • Identity Check: Single Nigerian? Got that National Identity Card/NIN slip?
  • Fitness Round: Meeting the Nigerian Army’s health and psychological criteria?
  • History Scan: No dark spots on your criminal record, right?
  • Document Hunt: Birth certificate or age declaration? Check. Certificate of your roots? Check.
  • Height Check: For our men, standing tall at 1.68 meters and for our women, gracefully at 1.65 meters?

Remember to scan the detailed age, height, and academic specifics in the primary announcement.

Why Wear the Badge of the Nigerian Army?

Ever pondered why so many eyes sparkle at the mention of the Nigerian Army? Let’s unveil the magic:

  • Unparalleled Growth: Step into a world of unrivaled job and career opportunities.
  • Rewards at Every Turn: Your hard work doesn’t go unnoticed. Relish the enhanced pay.
  • Knowledge Avenues: Dreamt of those higher studies? Grab that ticket now.
  • Melting Pot of Cultures: Mix, mingle and bond with diverse souls.
  • Your Welfare, Our Priority: From insurance to housing – we’ve got your back.
  • Planning Ahead: With pension and gratuity, envision a stress-free future.

Candidate Guidelines: The Do’s and Don’ts

  • Computer Tests? Nah! No pre-selection digital hurdles.
  • Screening Point: Your state of origin awaits.
  • Gadget Alert: Leave those electronic gizmos at home.
  • COVID-Conscious: All protocols in place. Because we care.
  • Honesty is the Best Policy: False info? That might just backfire.
  • Always Ready: Your NIN slip should be your shadow.
  • Integrity Over Temptation: No shortcuts, bribes, or inducements.
  • Free as a Bird: Yep, our recruitment doesn’t cost a penny.
  • Confusion Corner: Any doubts? We’re just a call away.
  • Updates & Alerts: Keep an eye on the NA website for shortlisted candidates.

Mark Your Calendars! Recruitment Timelines

Set your reminders from 25 Sep to 20 Oct 23. If the stars align and you’re shortlisted, gear up for the State Recruitment Screening Exercise from 6 – 19 Nov 23. Fingers crossed!

Beware and Be Wise: A Word of Caution

Never forget: The Nigerian Army Recruitment doesn’t have a price tag.

Always be on your guard against those sneaky scammers looking for a quick buck.

Feeling the call to be part of the esteemed Nigerian Army?

Dive in, seize this chance, and wear your commitment and honor like a badge.

After all, your nation is eagerly waiting!

Embarking on this journey with the Nigerian Army is not just about serving; it’s about pride, passion, and a brighter future.

The nation’s call is loud and clear. Are you ready to answer?

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How long is the application process open?

From 25th September to 10th October 2023.

Where can I find the online application form?

On the official recruitment portal: https://recruitment.army.mil.ng.

Are there any fees involved in the recruitment process?

No, the Nigerian Army recruitment is absolutely free.

When is the State Recruitment Screening Exercise scheduled?

From 6th to 19th November 2023 for those shortlisted.

Who can I contact for any queries or confusions?

The official helplines provided on the Nigerian Army website would be your best bet.

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