Study In USA with University of San Francisco Scholarships 2024 for International Student

Study in the USA with University of San Francisco Scholarships 2024 for International Students. Apply now for University of San Francisco Scholarship for the 2024 academic year.

University of San Francisco Scholarships

The University of San Francisco (USF) is offering scholarships for the 2024 academic year. Students from around the world can apply for the University of San Francisco Scholarships to help with their education costs.

USF cares about students and wants to help them succeed in their education. That’s why they offer scholarships to full-time undergraduate students based on how well they do in school and how much financial help they need. Last year, new students got an average of more than $20,000 in University of San Francisco Scholarship.

If you get accepted to USF, you’ll automatically be considered for the University of San Francisco Scholarship. You don’t have to fill out a separate application.

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USF is a special place, just like the exciting city around it. Going to USF is like climbing a mountain, and when you write essays for your engineering classes, you can talk about how great USF is.

In USF, classes aren’t too big, so you’ll get to know your classmates and teachers well. The professors are experts in their subjects and also care about their students. You’ll find Gleeson Hall, right in the middle of USF, always full of activity, even late at night.

What is USF All About?

USF embodies a multitude of experiences and opportunities.

It’s an afternoon gathering with friends for ice cream in the Mission district.

It’s sipping boba at Baker Beach. It entails riding the Muni, pursuing internships in the downtown area, and witnessing nurses in action at local health centers.

Your time at the University of San Francisco will resemble a conversation with a career counselor.

In the fall, you’ll enjoy baseball games and play basketball, while in the spring, the roles reverse.

USF is an expansive avenue, and a seat at the table is always reserved for you.

When you choose to attend USF, you position yourself at the very heart of a city that shapes the future.

You’ll be surrounded by individuals who are dedicated to making the world a better place.

A Glimpse into History

The roots of the University of San Francisco trace back to 1855 when St. Ignatius Academy, the precursor to today’s USF, was established.

On the inaugural day of classes, a mere three students were present, resulting in an extraordinary student-to-faculty ratio of 1:1.

This rich history underscores the university’s commitment to personalized education and academic excellence.

History of the University of San Francisco

  • 1858: The Early Years By the year 1858, a total of 65 students were enrolled at what would later become the University of San Francisco.
  • 1859: Charter from California In 1859, the college received its official charter from the state of California, marking a significant milestone in its history.
  • 1880: Relocation to Van Ness Avenue In 1880, the college moved to a new location on Van Ness Avenue in the Civic Center. Interestingly, this spot is now home to Davies Symphony Hall.
  • 1906: The Earthquake and Relocation Following the devastating earthquake and fire of 1906, the college relocated to a site near the intersection of Hayes and Shrader Streets.
  • 1914: Acquisition of Land In 1914, the Jesuits acquired a narrow piece of land near the intersection of Fulton Street and Parker Avenue. It was also the same year when they completed the construction of the present-day St. Ignatius Church on that very spot.
  • 1927: Expansion and New Location To accommodate the growing student population, a new building was constructed just east of the church in 1927. The college was then relocated to its current position.
  • 1930: Becoming the University of San Francisco In 1930, the institution underwent a significant transformation, changing its name from St. Ignatius College to the University of San Francisco. This change coincided with the institution’s diamond jubilee and was made at the request of various alumni associations.
  • 1978: Acquisition of Lone Mountain In 1978, the University of San Francisco expanded further by acquiring Lone Mountain, increasing the total campus land area to 55 acres.
  • 2019: Achieving Zero Net Carbon Emissions USF accomplished a noteworthy environmental milestone in 2019 by achieving zero net carbon emissions, surpassing its target date of 2050 by an impressive 31 years.

Today: A Hub of Learning

Today, the University of San Francisco (USF) offers more than 80 undergraduate programs in various fields such as arts and sciences, business, nursing, and health professions.

Additionally, USF provides over 60 graduate programs spanning arts and sciences, education, business, law, and nursing and health professions.

Division I Athletics USF is the sole university in San Francisco ranked in Division I athletics, emphasizing its commitment to both academics and sports.

This historical journey showcases the growth and evolution of the University of San Francisco, highlighting its dedication to education, sustainability, and community development.

University of San Francisco Scholarships detail

Host: University of San Francisco

Type of Scholarship: Funded

Level of study: Graduate

Eligibility for University of San Francisco Scholarship

International students looking to study at the University of San Francisco (USF) will find a welcoming and enriching educational environment.

Here’s why you should consider joining our vibrant community:

Why Study at University of San Francisco?

  1. Dining with a View: Enjoy your meals in a dining room that offers breathtaking views of downtown San Francisco.
  2. Exciting Basketball Games: Support the Don’s basketball teams as they play in the recently remodeled Sobrato Center’s War Memorial Gym.
  3. Spiritual Center: St. Ignatius Church serves as a focal point for your spiritual life, providing a place for reflection and connection.
  4. All-in-One Location: Whether you’re seeking delicious food, entertainment, or a sense of faith, you’ll find it all within your brand-new house on the hilltop.

Housing and Dining

Living on campus is a significant part of the university experience, where you’ll meet people from diverse backgrounds and create lasting memories.

USF offers ten residence halls, with nine located on campus and one off-campus.

Among these, five are living-learning communities that offer unique opportunities for engagement with the university.

Health and Wellness

USF is deeply committed to the Jesuit tradition of “cura personalis,” which means caring for the whole person.

We prioritize your physical, mental, emotional, intellectual, social, environmental, and spiritual well-being because we believe it’s vital for your success as a student.

Arts & Culture

At USF, the city of San Francisco becomes your canvas for creativity and innovation.

Whether you’re an artist, designer, architect, performer, or simply an enthusiast, you’ll have the chance to think critically, make impactful decisions, and contribute meaningfully to the vibrant cultural scene in the heart of the city.

University of San Francisco Scholarships Coverage

USF offers various scholarships to help make your education more accessible:

Merit Scholarships for First-Year Students First-year merit University of San Francisco Scholarshipare awarded based on your USF-calculated GPA in core disciplines.

University of San Francisco Scholarship are renewable for up to four years, provided you maintain satisfactory academic progress toward your degree.

Merit Scholarships for Transfer Students USF automatically considers all transfer applicants for merit grants of up to $16,000, which can be applied toward tuition costs.

The University of San Francisco Scholarship amount is determined by your transfer GPA, calculated from all your college courses at the time of application.

Studying at the University of San Francisco offers not only academic excellence but also a rich and diverse college experience in one of the most dynamic cities in the world.

Join us in shaping your future at USF!

Funded: Chancellor’s Award for Catholic or Jesuit High Schools

If you’ve maintained satisfactory academic progress each semester and are graduating from or have graduated from a Catholic or Jesuit high school, you may be eligible for the Chancellor’s Award.

The University of San Francisco Scholarship provides $5,000 annually to assist with tuition costs and is renewable for up to four years (or three years for transfer students).

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Programs Offered:

Explore a diverse array of academic programs available at the University of San Francisco:

Undergraduate Programs: Select from a wide selection of over 80 undergraduate programs, including options in management, nursing, and health professions.

Graduate and Certificate Programs: Delve into a variety of over 60 graduate and certificate programs covering disciplines like business, law, education, arts, and sciences.

Discover additional programs to match your academic and career aspirations perfectly.

How to Apply?

For comprehensive details regarding the application process and requirements, please refer to our website.

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