PwC South Africa Tax Graduate Programs: Grooming Tomorrow’s Tax Professionals 2023 Edition.

Discover how the PwC South Africa Tax Graduate Program is shaping the future of tax professionals in South Africa.

PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) South Africa, the region’s leading professional services provider, is setting the pace with innovative tax graduate programs for the next generation of South African graduates.

The Role of PwC in Africa

In Africa, PwC prides itself as the largest professional service provider, offering services that include Tax, Assurance, and Advisory solutions.

Our robust network comprises over 450 partners and more than 10,000 staff across 32 countries.

This extensive reach ensures seamless and consistent service delivery to our clients, regardless of their location on the continent.

The New Equation: PwC’s Unique Strategy

Our unique strategy, termed “The New Equation,” hinges on mobilizing diverse individuals and harnessing technology to tackle dual challenges.

We bring together unique combinations of people, all empowered by cutting-edge technology, to form a united front of problem solvers.

At the core of this strategy lies our multidisciplinary model.

This model harnesses our vast expertise to help clients build trust and deliver sustained outcomes.

PwC Tax Graduate Program: Unveiling the Benefits The PwC tax graduate program offers a nurturing, team-oriented, open, trusting, and inclusive environment.

Here, graduates are guided by team leaders and coaches who act as mentors, ensuring they maximize their potential.

What You Will Do

Graduates will:

  • Work on diverse tax assignments
  • Provide advice to clients on various tax-related issues
  • Produce high-level tax opinions that add value to our clients’ businesses
  • Perform tax-related pre-issuance work and statutory audit tax reviews
  • Undertake tax-related research
  • Assess commercial facts and apply the appropriate tax law
  • Interpret tax legislation
  • Engage with the South African Revenue Service (SARS) and address queries raised by SARS
  • Comply with risk management procedures
  • Perform project administration duties in collaboration with the audit team to meet client deadlines
  • Requirements for the PwC Tax Graduate Program
  • The PwC Tax Graduate Program seeks candidates in the postgraduate year of their tax qualification or those with a postgraduate qualification in tax.

Your Skills and Knowledge

Candidates must have:

  • A solid academic track record (60% aggregate) and a willingness to learn
  • A good understanding of tax laws (specifically VAT and Tax Administration Acts; Income Tax and Customs Act would be advantageous)
  • Proficient research skills

the PwC South Africa Tax Graduate Program offers an exceptional opportunity for South African graduates to kickstart their career in the tax field.

With a nurturing environment, world-class mentors, and a diverse array of assignments, the program is primed to shape the future of tax professionals in Africa.

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What is the PwC South Africa Tax Graduate Program?

The PwC South Africa Tax Graduate Program is an initiative aimed at training and developing the next generation of tax professionals in South Africa.

Who is eligible for the program?

Candidates in their postgraduate year of tax qualification or those with a postgraduate qualification in tax are eligible.

What benefits does the program offer?

The program offers hands-on experience in diverse tax assignments, mentorship from experienced professionals, and an inclusive work environment.

What skills are required for the program?

Candidates must have a good understanding of tax laws, proficient research skills, and a solid academic track record.

How is PwC different from other service providers in Africa?

PwC is the largest professional service provider in Africa, with a robust network that ensures seamless and consistent service delivery.

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