New Zealand Relaxes Work Visa Rules for Student Spouses

New Zealand Opens Doors for Working Partners of International Students: A Guide for Easier Immigration

Thinking about studying in New Zealand but worried about your partner’s work options? Great news! New Zealand has made it easier for spouses of international students to get work visas. This article explains everything you need to know in simple terms.

What’s Changed?

New Zealand wants to attract more international students and their families. To achieve this, they’ve relaxed the rules for partners to get work visas. This means your spouse can now legally work in New Zealand while you study.

Who is Eligible?

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If you’re enrolled in a specific type of higher education program in New Zealand, your partner may be eligible for a work visa. Here’s what they need:

  • Your Course Level: Your program must be a Level 7 or 8 qualification. This includes degrees (Bachelor’s and Honours), graduate certificates and diplomas.
  • Green List Connection: Your course should be related to an occupation listed on New Zealand’s “Green List.” This list includes jobs that are currently in high demand in the country. You can find the Green List on the Immigration New Zealand website (

Benefits of the Green List

Being on the Green List opens doors for your partner:

  • Easier Residency: They might be eligible for residency in New Zealand faster, potentially right away or after just two years of working in their qualified role.
  • Demand for Skills: Their skills are valued in New Zealand, making it easier to find a job.

What Kind of Work Visa Can They Get?

Your partner can apply for a “Partner of a Student Work Visa.” This visa is fantastic because it allows them to look for any job they’re qualified for, not just a specific position offered beforehand. This gives them more freedom to find a job that suits their skills and interests.

What About Qualifications and Registration?

The Green List now includes more specific qualifications that lead to professional registration in New Zealand. This means qualifications that directly allow someone to become a professional in their field, like an engineer or a teacher. This is great because it ensures your partner’s skills are recognized and valued in New Zealand.

Bringing Your Children?

If you have school-aged children, they can also benefit from these changes. With your work visa, you can apply for a Dependent Child Student Visa for them. This visa allows them to attend school in New Zealand at the same rates as domestic students, meaning they won’t have to pay higher international fees!

Why Did New Zealand Make These Changes?

New Zealand wants to be a top choice for international students. By making it easier for your partner to work and for your children to attend school, they’re creating a more welcoming environment for families pursuing higher education.

Looking Ahead: A Brighter Future for International Students

These updates show that New Zealand is serious about attracting talented students and their families. With a supportive immigration policy and a focus on high-demand skills, New Zealand is on its way to becoming a leading destination for both academic achievement and career opportunities.

So, if you’ve been dreaming of studying in New Zealand with your partner by your side, this is great news! With these changes, New Zealand is opening its doors to talented individuals and their families, creating a more inclusive and supportive environment for international students.

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