NCS Ventures into Technological Advancement with the Support of the WCO

NCS partners with WCO to incorporate technology into operations, with a focus on building officers’ digital capabilities.

The Nigeria Customs Service (NCS) stands forefront in this change.

As part of their vision to meld technology into their day-to-day tasks, NCS has turned to the World Customs Organisation (WCO) for a seamless incorporation.

Decoding the Alliance: NCS & WCO

Roots of the Partnership

The NCS is a key player in Nigeria, particularly in border surveillance and financial regulation enforcement.

As the digital era emerged, NCS acknowledged the necessity of restructuring strategies for improved efficiency and addressing modern challenges.

Leveraging its extensive expertise, the World Customs Organisation naturally became a strategic partner in this pursuit.

At a recent press event in Lagos, the acting Comptroller General of Customs (CGC), Mr. Adewale Adeniyi, spotlighted the evolution of intelligence efforts backed by the WCO.

The Reason for Choosing WCO?

WCO consistently backs global customs authorities, ensuring seamless, high-tier operations.

Overcoming the E-Modernization Challenge
Though the aim is crystallized and intentions firm, the journey is riddled with obstacles.

The recent e-modernization initiative, backed by a significant $3.2 billion fund, sought to phase out manual systems.

However, as Adeniyi pointed out, it hasn’t been smooth sailing.

But every evolution comes after challenges.

Acknowledging these hurdles and seeking guidance from experts like WCO showcases NCS’s solid commitment to breaking through.

Strengthening the Customs Brigade

Domestic Skill Enhancement
Aiming for a fully digital model means strengthening the skills of NCS’s workforce.

As emphasized by Adeniyi, the officers are diving deep into specialized training sessions.

Empowering officers to seamlessly incorporate tech innovations into their roles is the goal of these initiatives.

Globally Informed Learning

Beyond local training, officers gain insights from international courses and seminars.

This equips them to align with global standards and apply these insights to enhance NCS’s operations.

Border Surveillance Evolution in the Digital Era

Recent tours by Adeniyi to the South-Western commands revealed a profound grasp of their working mechanisms.

Through in-depth dialogues, strategy reassessments, and observing the outcomes of new implementations, it’s clear that NCS is steering in the right direction.

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