High-Paying Visa-Sponsored Jobs in Slovenia for Foreigners Earn (32,000 – £44,000) a year

Discover high-paying visa-sponsored jobs in Slovenia for foreigners, earning £32,000 – £44,000 annually. Explore the underrated gem of Slovenia, its booming economy, visa options, and in-demand jobs.

Underrated Slovenia: A Hidden Gem for Expats

Despite its stunning alpine landscapes and beautiful beaches, Slovenia often goes unnoticed by expats.

This European nation boasts a thriving economy, a strong service sector, and numerous opportunities for foreigners.

With a modest population of just 2 million people, Slovenia combines the advantages of city life with the coziness of a small town in its green urban areas.

Appealing Economy for Expats and Corporations

Slovenia’s rapidly growing economy attracts both expats and foreign businesses.

Companies looking to establish themselves in Slovenia must first secure a dedicated workforce and ensure that they possess the necessary work visas and legal authorization to live and work in the country.

Failure to obtain the required documentation can hinder operations and lead to substantial penalties.

Exploring Slovenian Work Visas and Opportunities

This article will provide valuable insights into Slovenian work visa types, job prospects for foreigners in 2023/2024, the average income in Slovenia, the cost of living, and much more.

The Slovenian government offers a range of visas tailored to the purpose of each visitor’s stay.

Types of Slovenian Visas

Slovenian visas are categorized into various types to cater to different purposes:

  1. Visas for Commercial Purposes: These visas are meant for individuals traveling for business-related activities.
  2. Visas for Medical Purposes: Designed for those seeking medical treatment or care in Slovenia.
  3. Members of Official Delegations Visas: Intended for members of official government delegations visiting Slovenia.
  4. Visas for Visitors: Issued for general visitation purposes, such as tourism or family visits.
  5. Visas for Study, Research, or Training: These visas are granted to individuals pursuing educational, research, or training opportunities in Slovenia.
  6. Airport Transit Visas: Necessary for travelers transiting through Slovenian airports to reach their final destination.
  7. Spouse Visas for Slovenian Nationals: Granted to the spouses of Slovenian citizens.

While these visas allow foreign nationals to enter Slovenia, they do not grant permission for long-term stay and work within the country.

For this purpose, foreign nationals must obtain a Single Work and Residence permit.

List of Skilled Jobs with Visa Sponsorship in Slovenia

For those seeking employment in Slovenia, here is a list of skilled jobs with visa sponsorship:

1. Fraud Investigator/Internal Auditor

Job Duties:

  • Creating lessons learned reports to enhance control measures and prevent specific types of fraud from recurring.
  • Managing the contract of the external contact point responsible for fraud alerts and maintaining communication with them upon receiving alarm notifications, whether anonymous or otherwise.
  • Assisting the ESA Corporate Compliance Office in providing internal and external fraud awareness training.
  • Offering support to ESA management in assessing fraud risk when required.
  • Maintaining records of reported fraud incidents and their outcomes, as well as preparing sanitized summaries of fraud cases for publication on the ESA intranet.
  • Monitoring ongoing fraud cases while ensuring compliance with personal data protection and security regulations.
  • Conducting internal and external reporting on fraud-related matters to the ESA Oversight Committee.

2. IT Solution Architect

As an IT Solution Architect, your role involves crucial responsibilities:

  • Evaluating the scope of implementation work.
  • Managing the integration of recognized solutions into the IT landscape, whether through acquisition, configuration, or software updates.
  • Being accountable for generating clear specifications and visual representations for new or modified solutions.
  • Ensuring the establishment of adequate test cases for these new or modified solutions.
  • Upholding quality standards for deliveries from third-party vendors and development organizations.

Work Visa Requirements in Slovenia

If you want to work in Slovenia and you’re not a citizen of the European Union (EU) or European Economic Area (EEA), you’ll need to obtain a Single Work and Residence visa, sometimes called a Single permission. To get this visa, you’ll need to provide certain documents:

Required Documents for Single Work and Residence Visa in Slovenia

Applicants from non-European Union (EU) or European Economic Area (EEA) member states must provide these documents to get a Single Work and Residence visa in Slovenia:

  1. A valid passport.
  2. A passport-sized photo, and your fingerprints will be taken during the application process.
  3. Proof of Slovenian health insurance coverage.
  4. A recent criminal history check from your home country.
  5. A bank statement showing that you have enough money to support yourself in Slovenia.

Additional Considerations

In some exceptional cases, you might need to attend an interview with Slovenian officials at your home country’s embassy as part of the application process.

It’s important to know that if you’re from an EU country, you generally don’t need a work permit to work in Slovenia due to Slovenia’s EU membership. However, specific details can vary, so it’s a good idea to check with the relevant authorities for your situation.

Finding Work in Slovenia as a Foreigner

If you’re a foreigner seeking job opportunities in Slovenia, here’s what you need to know:

1. EU Residents:

  • If you’re a resident of the European Union (EU), you typically don’t need a work permit to work in Slovenia.

2. Non-EU Nationals:

  • Non-EU nationals must obtain both a work visa and a residence permit in advance to work legally in Slovenia.

3. Job Exploration:

  • Explore job opportunities in Slovenia through dedicated websites that list available positions.

Available Jobs in Slovenia:

  • Demand exists in various fields, particularly for:
    • Qualified teachers
    • Medical professionals
    • Other medical specialists
  • Studies like the Professional Barometer forecast a shortage of workers in 108 occupations by 2023.

Cost of Living in Slovenia:

  • Slovenia is relatively affordable, with approximate costs such as:
    • A loaf of bread: Around €1.17
    • A liter of milk: Approximately €0.84
    • Taxi fare (first kilometer): €1.20, with subsequent kilometers at €1 each
    • Gasoline: Approximately €1.25 per liter

Average Salary in Slovenia (2021):

  • The average annual wage in Slovenia in 2021 was €27,980, showing an increase from the previous year’s average of €27,609. It’s important to note that Slovenian incomes peaked in 2013, with the lowest point in 2001 when annual pay was at its lowest.

Adapting to Life in Slovenia as a Foreigner

Adjusting to a new environment and dealing with homesickness can take time when you’re working and living in a different country.

However, in Slovenia, you’ll find that the locals are welcoming to foreigners both in their professional and personal lives.

This makes it easier than you might expect to acclimate to life in Slovenia and feel like you belong.

Slovenia is an excellent place to gain international experience because:

  1. Manageable Cost of Living: While Slovenia may be considered more expensive than some neighboring countries, it still offers a reasonable cost of living, making it accessible to many.
  2. Abundant Job Opportunities: Slovenia has a variety of job openings for individuals from different countries, particularly in areas with skill shortages.
  3. Diverse Expat Community: The presence of many expats means you’ll find a supportive community of individuals who have also made the move, offering valuable insights and connections.

With its welcoming atmosphere, employment prospects, and expat community, Slovenia can be a great starting point for those looking to work and live abroad.

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