Good News for Canada’s Temporary Foreign Workers – Free Settlement Resources

Are you a temporary foreign worker in Canada? If so, you’re not alone! Many people come to Canada to work for a while, and it can be a great experience. But settling into a new place can be tough, especially if you don’t know where to turn for help.

The good news is there are many free resources available to help you adjust to life in Canada. These resources can provide assistance with things like learning English, finding a job, understanding your rights, and connecting with your community.

This article will introduce you to five organizations offering free settlement services for temporary foreign workers across Canada. We’ll also provide a table summarizing their locations and services for easy reference.

About Settlement Services

Most settlement services offered by the federal government (Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada – IRCC) are for permanent residents and protected persons. However, temporary foreign workers can still access some helpful resources from provincial and territorial governments across Canada.

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These resources are provided by different organizations in each province and territory. Each organization will have its own rules about who can use their services and what kind of help they offer.

Five Organizations Helping Temporary Foreign Workers

Here are five organizations offering settlement services that can be valuable for temporary foreign workers in Canada. These services can help with various aspects of settling in, including language training, finding a job, and connecting with the community.

1. Newcomer Women’s Services Toronto (NEW)

  • Location: Toronto, Ontario
  • Languages: Arabic, Farsi, Mandarin, Bengali, Bangla, Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi, Spanish

NEW specializes in assisting women newcomers in Toronto and surrounding areas. Their services include:

* Guidance on government services

* English language classes

* Workshops for citizenship test preparation

* Support with accessing healthcare, education, housing, and employment opportunities

2. CCI Ottawa

  • Location: Ottawa, Ontario

CCI Ottawa offers a variety of resources specifically tailored to temporary foreign workers. Their services include:

* Assistance with obtaining documents like health cards and work permits

* Monthly workshops for citizenship test preparation

* Tools and information to help find housing and understand tenant rights

* Workshops and activities for young newcomers (15-25 years)

* General advice and information on life in Ottawa

3. Mosaic British Columbia

  • Locations: Vancouver and Burnaby, British Columbia

Operating under the B.C. Settlement and Integration Services Program, Mosaic provides comprehensive support for temporary foreign workers in various areas. Their services encompass:

* Dedicated one-on-one settlement support

* Reporting and resolving workplace issues

* Educational workshops on diverse topics

* English conversation circles for language practice

* Workshops on computer literacy, renter’s rights, and accessing healthcare and community programs

* Social events for connecting with other newcomers

* Emergency support accessing essential supplies like food, hygiene products, and more (in situations of need)

4. Richmond Multicultural Community Services (RMCS)

  • Location: Richmond, British Columbia
  • Languages: Services offered in 15 different languages

RMCS provides a vast array of services for temporary foreign workers in Richmond:

* Assistance with accessing government services

* Help with crafting resumes and cover letters

* Information and resources on job opportunities and current employment trends

* Information on healthcare services and accessing medical care

* English language classes to improve communication skills

* Information on housing options and educational opportunities

* Support with permanent resident applications and renewals

* Information and guidance on sponsoring family members to join you in Canada

* Assistance with income tax and employment insurance applications

5. CSS Alberta

  • Locations: Edmonton and Red Deer, Alberta

CSS Alberta provides valuable one-on-one settlement services for temporary foreign workers in Alberta, with support available in multiple languages. Their services include:

* Information and resources on healthcare, housing options, and education for children of temporary foreign workers

* Assistance with understanding and completing various government forms and applications

* Connecting newcomers with cultural or faith-based communities for a sense of belonging

* Information and guidance on permanent residence options, should you wish to explore staying in Canada long-term

Additional Resources to Consider

While the organizations listed above offer a great starting point, here are some additional resources you might find helpful:

  • The Canadian government website: The official website of the Canadian government ( provides a wealth of information on various topics relevant to temporary foreign workers, including healthcare, employment rights, and taxation.
  • Settlement service directories: Many provinces and territories have online directories listing settlement service providers in their region. You can find these directories by searching for “[Province/Territory name] settlement service directory.”
  • Your employer: Don’t hesitate to reach out to your employer or human resources department for guidance and support. They might have internal resources or connections to specific settlement services tailored to temporary foreign workers in your industry.

Why Settlement Resources Matter

Settlement resources are important for temporary foreign workers in Canada. They can help you:

  • Learn English: Many resources offer English language classes to help you communicate effectively in Canada.
  • Find a Job: Some organizations can assist with resume writing, job searching, and understanding your employment rights.
  • Connect with Your Community: Settlement services can help you meet other newcomers and feel more at home in Canada.
  • Understand Your Rights: Resources can provide information on your rights as a temporary foreign worker in Canada.

By taking advantage of these free services, you can have a more positive and successful experience living and working in Canada.

Remember, you’re not alone! There are many resources available to help you settle in and make the most of your time in Canada.

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