Migration to England with Cows caring Job opportunities at UK farms 2024

Find a job on a farm in the UK! Real Success Farm in Exeter is looking for someone to take care of cows. You’ll work full-time and get paid between £25,000 and £32,000 a year.

Exploring Work Opportunities on UK Farms

Migration and working on farms in the UK can be a big challenge for many people. They want to find jobs and make their lives better.

The UK is a favorite place for people to move to work on farms, especially in agriculture. Farms need workers who know how to pick fruits and vegetables and have experience working in agriculture.

Seasonal Work on Farms:

Many people from other countries find temporary jobs on these farms. These jobs are important because they give people work during different times of the year.

This helps them earn money and support their families. Working on UK farms also lets migrant workers learn new things and get better at different skills.

Challenges for Migrant Workers:

Moving to a new country to work on a farm can be tough. One big challenge is the language.

Sometimes, migrant workers may not speak the same language as the people on the farm.

Another challenge is the culture, which means the way people live and do things.

But facing these challenges can also be a chance for personal growth. It helps people learn and share their own experiences.

Exciting Opportunity in Dairy Farming:

In the UK, dairy farming is a really interesting and always-changing job. True Success, a company, is offering an amazing chance to be a part of their team.

They need someone to take care of the herd on their farm in Brampford Speke, Exeter.

This could be a great opportunity for anyone interested in working with animals and being a part of the growing world of dairy farming.

Job Opportunity Details at Real Success Farm

Job Details:

This job gives you the chance to work full-time, and you’ll get a yearly salary between £25,000 and £32,000.

It’s an excellent opportunity that you shouldn’t miss. The last day to apply is February 9, 2024.

Farm Information:

Real Success Farm is a big farm covering 153 hectares. It has a special unit for spring calves, and they regularly milk 300 grass cows.

All the cows are from New Zealand, and they are a mix of Friesian Cross Jersey. The farm is part of an exciting project that aims to encourage sustainable farming practices.

Job Responsibilities:

As a herd shepherd, your role is crucial for the farm to reach high standards of success and sustainability.

You’ll have many responsibilities, all focused on making sure the cows are healthy and happy, and the overall farm environment is well-maintained.

Your work is essential for the farm’s success and the well-being of the animals. If you’re passionate about farming and sustainability, this could be the perfect job for you!

Shepherd’s Responsibilities at Real Success Farm

1. Stock Care: The shepherd takes care of the herd, ensuring superior care for the cows and meeting their daily needs.

2. Milking to High Standards: Al-Karaei handles the milking process professionally, maintaining the highest standards and ensuring the quality of the milk.

3. Nutrition: He prepares and provides balanced food for the cows, ensuring optimal performance and good health.

4. Turf Budgeting: Prepares an effective turf budget, making sure farm resources are used sustainably.

5. Record and Data Keeping: The herder manages accurate records related to cows and farm activities, making it easier to track performance and make strategic decisions.

6. Calf Rearing: He carefully supervises the rearing of calves, contributing to the formation of a new generation of healthy and effective cows.

7. Equipment Maintenance: Maintains agricultural equipment to ensure the accurate continuity of daily operations.

8. Pasteurizer Setup and Milk Delivery: Manages pasteurizer setup and ensures efficient delivery of milk to the two vending machines.

9. General Farm Work: Performs general maintenance tasks like fence building and yard scraping, contributing to keeping the farm in excellent operating condition.

10. Maintaining the Farm in General: Organizes the farm and ensures it is a safe and tidy place for daily operations.

Join Our Team at Real Success Farm!

Dealing with Contractors: The shepherd also oversees the farm’s collaboration with contractors for tasks like spreading fertilizers and cutting silage.

This helps diversify activities and enhances the farm’s sustainability.

Contributions to Success: The role of a shepherd requires excellent organizational skills and adherence to quality standards.

This contributes to the success of Al Najah Real Farm, positioning it as a leader in the field of dairy farming in the United Kingdom.

Requirements and Skills:

At Real Success Farm, we are always looking for individuals with exceptional traits and a joyful spirit to join our team.

Here are some characteristics we value:

  1. Cheerful Nature: The candidate must have a positive and energetic nature, contributing to a positive and cheerful work environment.
  2. Love of Cows: Applicants must be lovers of cows, understanding their needs with genuine concern for their health and well-being.
  3. Dairy Farming Experience: While preferred, it’s okay if the applicant is new to dairy farming. We welcome beginners and provide necessary training.
  4. Foot Trimming Experience: Preferred but not necessary. We value dedication to learning new skills.
  5. Positive Values and Behaviors: The candidate must have strong values and positive behaviors, reinforcing the unique spirit of the team and contributing to our organizational culture.
  6. Desire to Learn and Develop: We seek individuals who view learning and developing agricultural skills as opportunities for personal growth and contributing to the farm’s advancement.
  7. Great Communication Skills: Effective communication is essential, as the shepherd will work as part of a team, requiring interaction with colleagues throughout the day.

Join Our Adventure: If you possess these characteristics and have a passion for a career in dairy farming, we welcome you to be part of our True Success Farm adventure. Contact us today and apply to join our outstanding team!

Features and Benefits at Real Success Farm

Flat Accommodation: Comfortable one-bedroom accommodation is provided, ensuring employees are well-rested and relaxed after long days of work.

Competitive Salary: We offer a competitive salary that reflects the value of your work and dedication, encouraging top performance.

Commitment to Your Continued Development: We are committed to your ongoing development, providing opportunities to learn new skills that help shape a bright future in dairy farming.

Educational Support from a Veterinarian: One of the business owners is a qualified veterinarian and offers regular focused education sessions on various aspects of dairy farming. This ensures accurate guidance and cognitive development for all employees.

Additional Training Courses: Employees are sent for additional training courses when needed, contributing to the development and improvement of their skills and understanding.

Interaction with the Veterinarian: Providing opportunities for staff to interact with the veterinarian enhances their understanding of aspects of cow health, contributing to improved cow care.

Motivation for Progress: We encourage innovation and forward thinking, welcoming employees to bring in new ideas that contribute to the overall development of the farm.

Positive Work Environment: We provide a positive and stimulating work environment that fosters cooperation and team spirit within the work team.

At Real Success Farm, it’s not just a job – it’s an opportunity to develop your career and make a meaningful contribution to the field of dairy farming.

How to Apply for the Herd Shepherd Position at Real Success Farm

1. Read the Job Requirements: Carefully go through the job requirements to ensure that your skills and experience align with the needed qualifications.

2. Prepare Your Resume: Craft your resume thoughtfully, emphasizing relevant dairy farming experience and any technical skills you possess.

3. Submitting an Application Online: Complete and submit your application online by using the designated form for the job. Click the link below to access the application form.

Apply now

We look forward to reviewing your application and potentially welcoming you to our team at Real Success Farm.

If you have any questions or need further assistance, feel free to reach out to us. Thank you for considering a career with us!

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does the job require previous experience in dairy farming?

No, experience is preferred, but the necessary training is provided.

2. Does the job offer accommodation and a competitive salary?

Yes, benefits include accommodation, a competitive salary, and a commitment to professional development.

3. Does the farm offer training courses for employees?

Yes, one of the employers provides regular education sessions and training courses.

4. Is it preferable to have experience in foot trimming?

Yes, it is preferred but not necessary.

5. Does the work include any additional tasks?

Yes, the work includes additional tasks such as equipment maintenance and general farm work.

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