Dollar to Naira Rates News, 5 September 2023

Dollar To Naira Exchange Rate News, 5 September 2023 both CBN Official Market Rates and abokifx Black Market Rates.

To check the CBN Official exchange rate and abokifx black market rates for the US Dollar and Nigerian Naira on September 5, 2023, please be aware that these rates can change often, even hourly, because of ongoing buying and selling. So, it’s important to stay informed and check for updates regularly.

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Dollar to Naira Black Market Rate on 05/09/2023

On September 5, 2023, sources from Bureau De Change (BDC) confirmed that the exchange rate for the US Dollar to the Nigerian Naira in the Lagos Black Market is N912 for buying and N917 for selling.

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Dollars to Naira Black Market 05/09/2023

Dollar ($) Buying (₦)  Selling (₦)
1 USD 912 917
2 USD 1824 1834
5 USD 4560 4585
10 USD 9120 9170
15 USD 13680 13755
20 USD 18240 18340
25 USD 22800 22925
50 USD 45600 45850
100 USD 91200 91700
500 USD 456000 458500
1000 USD 912000 917000
2500 USD 2280000 2292500
5000 USD 4560000 4585000
10000 USD 9120000 9170000

CBN Official Dollars to Naira 05/09/2023

On September 5, 2023, the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) exchange rate for the US Dollar to the Nigerian Naira in the Official Market is N760.529 for buying and N761.529 for selling

CBN Official Exchange Rate – Dollar to Naira

Dollar ($) Buying (₦)  Selling (₦)
1 USD 760.5 761.5
2 USD 1521.1 1523.1
5 USD 3802.6 3807.6
10 USD 7605.3 7615.3
15 USD 11407.9 11422.9
20 USD 15210.6 15230.6
25 USD 19013.2 19038.2
50 USD 38026.5 38076.5
100 USD 76052.9 76152.9
500 USD 380264.5 380764.5
1000 USD 760529.0 761529.0
2500 USD 1901322.5 1903822.5
5000 USD 3802645.0 3807645.0
10000 USD 7605290.0 7615290.0

Dollar to Naira Rates News 5/09/2023

Dollar sells between N700 and N800 at CBN’s official window, down in black market

On Friday, the Naira’s value against the US dollar changed a lot in Nigeria’s official exchange market. It went as low as N700 and as high as N800 per dollar. This shows that the Naira got stronger compared to the US dollar.

The official market ended the day with the dollar costing N740.38, which is cheaper than the day before by N22.33. This is a drop of about 2.92%.

At the same time, more money was traded in the market, totaling $178.53 million, which is a big increase from the previous day’s $85.79 million. This might show that people are more confident in the market or there might be other reasons affecting this change.

In the unofficial black market, the dollar’s rate decreased a bit to N903.5 per dollar compared to N905.9 the day before. This market sometimes behaves differently from the official market.

Not only the dollar, but the British pound and the Euro also saw changes in their exchange rates in Nigeria. The pound’s value went down to N1162.1 and the Euro dropped to N994.6.

These changing exchange rates are important for Nigeria’s economy and businesses. They might affect investments and plans for the future. It’s important to keep an eye on how these changes might affect the bigger picture of the financial situation in the coming days.

To sum up, Friday saw big changes in the exchange rates in both official and black markets. The Naira’s value went up and down against major currencies. This shows a lively market responding to many factors, which needs careful watching and studying in the next while

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