$5,000 Grants for Youth of all African Countries

$5,000 Grants for Youth of all African Countries

African Youth : Apply for $5,000 for Youth to Support Your Climate Mobility Solution

The African Climate Mobility Initiative presents a golden opportunity for young individuals and organizations in Africa. We’re extending financial aid for the realization of your groundbreaking climate mobility endeavors.

It is of utmost importance to acknowledge that climate mobility, characterized by climatic migrations and forced displacements, is a matter of significant concern in the African continent. The principal objective of this undertaking is to furnish young innovators with the requisite instruments for effecting change.

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Formal: Eligibility for $5,000 Grants:

  • Applicants must fall within the age range of 18-35.
  • Both individuals and youth-led organizations are eligible to submit applications.
  • Collaborative proposals with registered youth organizations are strongly encouraged.
  • We extend a special invitation to migrant and displaced youth residing in Africa or those born in Africa to apply


  • Eligible projects have the potential to secure funding of up to $5,000 per project.
  • This funding is available for a period of one year, giving you ample time to bring your ideas to life.
  • We’re immensely grateful for the invaluable support of the Robert Bosch Stiftung.

Project Themes:

Get ready to make a real impact:

The initiative is a golden gateway for young Africans eager to bring about change in their neighborhoods. For those who have a burning desire to tackle the mammoth issues of climate migration and meet our standards, we urge you to step forward. By aligning with us, you’ll be at the forefront of addressing and mitigating the adverse effects of climate-induced displacements in Africa

  • Addressing loss and damage.
  • Promoting climate literacy in disaster-prone and vulnerable communities.
  • Utilizing storytelling and art for climate awareness.
  • Engaging in ecosystem restoration in disaster-prone regions.
  • Creating green job opportunities in vulnerable communities, including IDPs, refugees, migrants, and youth.
  • Advocating for impactful policy initiatives.

Application Deadline:

Don’t miss out! The application deadline is October 30, 2023, at 23:59 East Africa Time (EAT).

How to Apply

To initiate the application process, carefully perform the following tasks:

  • Fill out the online application form, accessible via the provided Application Link. Ensure to provide comprehensive details about your project and how it aligns with the fund’s criteria.

To ensure the smooth processing of your application or proposal, it’s crucial that you provide a comprehensive set of documents. Specifically, the following documents are mandatory:

  1. Project Budget: This should provide a clear and detailed breakdown of all expected costs related to the project. Please itemize each cost, specify any fixed or variable expenses, and highlight any contingencies or unexpected costs that may arise.
  2. Implementation Plan: This document should outline the step-by-step approach you intend to take to bring your project to fruition. Please include key milestones, estimated timelines, responsibilities of team members, and any resources or tools that will be used throughout the project. It would be beneficial if you could also identify potential challenges and the solutions you’ve planned to address them.
  3. Supplementary Materials: Any additional documents, data, charts, diagrams, or endorsements that can support your proposal or provide more insight into the feasibility and potential impact of your project should be included here. This can encompass research findings, case studies, letters of recommendation or support, and any other relevant material.

Selection Criteria:

Here are the selection criteria in simpler English:

  1. Helping with Climate Challenges: Your idea or project should focus on helping people in areas where climate disasters happen a lot. It should also address the problems faced by people who have to leave their homes because of climate issues.
  2. Being Creative and New: Your project should come up with new and creative ways to deal with climate-related migration and people being forced to leave their homes in Africa.
  3. Including Young People: Your proposal should actively involve young people, who are between 18 and 35 years old. It should also show that you want young people to have a real say in how things are done and help them make positive changes when it comes to climate migration issues.
  4. Matching with Certain Themes: Your ideas should fit with at least one of the specific areas we’ve mentioned. You should explain how your ideas connect to these areas.
  5. Being Doable and Sustainable: Your projects should be realistic and possible within the budget and time given.
  6. Working Together: If you’re a group of young people, it’s good if you work together with other groups. Even groups that aren’t officially registered can work with those that are.
  7. Making a Difference: Your ideas should clearly show how they can make life better for people affected by climate change and displacement. They should also have the potential to be used in other places, making an even bigger impact.
  8. Keeping Track and Checking: You should explain how you’ll check if your project is doing what it’s supposed to do. You should also have a plan for reporting on how things are going, including regular updates and a final report at the end.

For young Africans, this is your chance to drive positive change in your communities. If you’re committed to addressing climate migration challenges and fit our criteria, we warmly welcome your application. Join us, and be part of the solution for Africa

For further information and to access the application form, kindly click on the provided link (Apply Link). We strongly recommend that you carefully review all application requirements and guidelines prior to the submission of your proposal.

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